Redwood Siding: Allura Cement Siding Color Review

When many people picture real wood planks, they also tend to picture a warmth of color and depth that is singular to this material. And while the actual wood siding that some people use on their homes often doesn’t compare to the image most people hold, the fact remains that the word “wood” often conjures up images of warmth, comfort, and nature. These images and more can also be found when viewing Redwood fiber cement siding from Allura.

Rich Natural Color

People have been using stains to enhance the natural color and properties of real wood for centuries. Stains can help bring out the natural undertones in wood, or give it a richer, deeper appearance than it may have on its own. This same type of stain applied to fiber cement siding, which has a texture and appearance very similar to real wood, also produces a similar effect.

Redwood siding has a rich, natural color with a warm, red undertone to it. Whether used as the sole color on a house’s façade, or paired with another color, Redwood is sure to give your home the natural appearance you’re looking for.

Versatile Color

One of the reasons that natural wood colors and stains are so popular is the fact that they pair well with nearly everything. Redwood has a reddish hue reminiscent of the trees it’s named after. It therefore pairs beautifully with other nature-inspired colors such as slate gray, forest green, or coastal blue. In addition, Redwood also pairs well with natural wood accents, such as peeled wood columns or decorative fascia. This means that whether you intend Redwood to be the sole color of your home, an accent color, or merely one of two or three colors, you can mix and match to get the look you’re after.

Redwood has such a natural looking color to it, that it also works well on a number of different styles of architecture as well. The color works particularly well on cabins, resorts, and other rustic style homes. It also works well on contemporary-style homes as well, whether used alone or paired with another color.

Some older style homes can also benefit from shingles or planks in Redwood as well. Tudor style homes, as well as Arts and Crafts and Craftsman bungalows would all work beautifully with a Redwood façade, for example.

A Neutral Color

Deciding on the color of your home can be a difficult decision for anyone to make. You want something that will complement the architecture, its setting, and your neighborhood, while also conveying what you want the viewer to know about the structure. For that reason, many people choose to use a neutral color or tone on their homes; neutrals are a nice backdrop for accents and secondary colors, as well as for showing off architectural features or gardens.

Redwood, while possessing a deep, rich color, can also be considered a neutral. As a stain, rather than a paint, the color has a lot of tonal variation throughout the planks or shingles it’s used on. This is part of what gives the color its depth, but it also ensures that you can use this stain on formal and informal homes, as well as on homes in a variety of settings. For this reason, one could consider Redwood to be something neutral, that allows other things to take centerstage around it, even if it’s just the setting that the home is located in.

Regional Appeal

One of the best things about the Redwood stain is the fact that it has nearly universal appeal. While some colors only work well in specific areas of the country, Redwood can be used nearly anywhere. The natural color is particularly appealing in the north and west where natural colors are the most popular for homes, but the color is also dark enough to be used successfully in the south as well. Paired with the right trim and accents, the color would also work beautifully in the northeast when used on vacation homes and homes that are more inland than on the coast.

Homes that are located in a more rural or rustic setting will also work particularly well with Redwood as a stain. The color easily complements natural surroundings, picking up its hues and tones from surrounding trees and nature.

Consider Redwood Siding

Choosing the siding for your home can be a big decision. Redwood from Allura makes this decision easier, with a rich, warm color on durable, attractive, and low maintenance fiber cement. Like other paint or stain colors on Allura’s fiber cement, Redwood will not peel, crack, or flake, allowing you to enjoy the color for many years longer than a traditional stained wood exterior. Consider Redwood siding from Allura for your home’s exterior to capture the look and durability for yourself.

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