Allura Color Spotlight: Rock Cliffs, a New Shade of Neutral House Siding

Choosing a color for the exterior of your home is a big decision. You may want to upgrade your siding to add curb appeal to your current home, or you might be building a new home and are looking for a timeless color that will look great for years to come. Either way, this color will be the focal point of your home and the most recognizable part of your exterior.

Neutrals are always a classic choice for home siding, but they are also rising in popularity with current trends. Picking a neutral home siding color is a smart choice because neutrals go with everything. Your landscaping, trim, and other accents will definitely be set off wonderfully with a neutral color. It also takes the guesswork out of matching colors: a neutral home siding color looks just as great with a fellow neutral color on the trim as it does with bolder colors. Neutrals are also calming and less aggressive colors. Current home decor trends frequently use neutrals to achieve a classic look, whether the home style is Tudor or farmhouse.

Allura continues to increase their range of neutral home siding choices so that you can find the perfect neutral for you. A new color in this range, Rock Cliffs, represents a new take on a neutral that is less stark than white, but more unique than flat gray. This color lands between gray and beige.

The “Greige” Trend

From fashion to home decor, neutrals are extremely popular and trendy. Not only are they a timeless choice, they can be used in a wide range of shades from the more beige end of the spectrum to grays. In recent years, gray and beige have been combined to describe a chic shade called “greige”. A quick search on social media returns many decorating results about this popular color, found everywhere from linens to wallpaper to paint.

Allura’s new shade of neutral house siding, Rock Cliffs, epitomizes the greige trend. Now, you can pick up this trend for your home exterior. This is a great color for homes because, as gray has become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to trendy home makeover shows, more and more houses in your neighborhood are probably being painted gray. At the same time, neutrals on the beige side may look dated and less modern. To set yourself apart without springing for a bright color, Rock Cliffs provides an appealing new neutral.

The Rock Cliffs color is also great for home siding because it is complementary to many bolder accent colors that may appear in natural wood, painted wood, or brick. Dark blue shutters set off this color nicely with crisp white siding for a colonial look. A cherry-hued wood door also looks great in the middle of this neutral home siding for a more rustic appearance. You likely will not need to change other elements of your home exterior for Rock Cliffs neutral home siding to fit right in.

Rock Cliffs translates easily into many home styles, unlike many bold colors that evoke a certain time period or geography. This is thanks to its combination of neutral shades. With brown tones, Rock Cliffs could look right at home on a Tudor style home. With cooler tones, Rock Cliffs pops and can work for a more traditional Americana style.

Rock Cliffs is Right for You

To clad your home in a neutral home siding with a trendy twist, Rock Cliffs from Allura is right for you. This neutral home color sets off landscaping and accents perfectly while still standing out from the crowd.

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