How to Generate More Sales as a Home Builder

In the world of construction, just an additional two or three clients per month can mean all the difference between just getting by and true success. One of the most difficult aspects of running a business is gaining more sales, especially for home builders living in densely populated cities with high competition.

If you think your company's growth has become stagnant recently and you're ready to start achieving growth, here are six ways to get started.

Add a Blog to Your Website and Get Links

If you don't have a blog on your website you need to add one ASAP. There are a few reasons a blog is helpful when it comes to marketing.

First off it gives your business an opportunity to connect with potential clients. Blog posts can consist of designing ideas, seasonal home care advice, Q&As, etc. The key is to educate while also promoting your business as the one they want to choose.

Secondly, a blog with regular posts will help your website rank more highly in Google search engines, which means more exposure.

Last but not least, a blog gives you the opportunity to link to other authority websites in the home building industry and get links back from these sites. This makes your company appear more authoritative and gives you access to other audiences.

Post Photos of Completed Jobs on Social Media

Always take photos before and after a home building project, especially major ones that really highlight your company's skill.

These don't need to be professional quality photos but they do need to be good quality, clear and with good lighting. These photos should go onto a portfolio or gallery section of your website but also on social media.

So many potential customers are on social media and pictures are more apt to gain interest than a shared blog post. Facebook and Instagram are great choices for sharing pictures of completed projects. Be sure to include important hashtags on Instagram to gain more attention.

Remodel Your Website with a Professional Service

If it's been awhile since you updated your website you should consider getting a professional's help. Your website is essentially the first impression of your business that potential clients will judge you by.

Your website needs to be clean, professional and easy to navigate. When a client visits your page they need to instantly know what services you provide, examples of types of work you can do, and know how to contact you as quickly as possible.

Rather than wasting time toying with themes or coding, leave it to someone that knows what they are doing. It will be money well-spent and will leave you to focus on other tasks.

Partner with Other Local Businesses

Just like getting links from other websites you also need to develop and/or maintain good relationships with other local businesses.

If you are a home builder focusing on construction you may want to partner with a local plumber or electrician. Becoming friendly with local hardware stores or lumber mills you frequent it also a good idea. As their clients come to them for help, your name can be given if they need assistance with home building projects.

Remember this goes both ways so only partner with businesses you feel confident recommending to your clients.

Obtain and Display More Accreditations or Certifications

Continually growing as a business and staying up to date with advancements is vital. Consistent training will keep your workforce safer and more appealing to clients.

One of the best ways of showing your expertise to potential clients is through accreditations or certifications. These should consist of accreditations specific to home building but also should include BBB certifications. You should have badges for these displayed prominently on your website so visitors know instantly that you are an expert.

You may also want to include information about training or design courses or conferences your or your work crew has been too. The more your clients have proof of your abilities, the better.

Make an Effort to Leave an Impression on Clients

Maintaining good relationships with current clients is paramount for both getting repeat work and gaining more sales through natural word-of-mouth marketing. The whole experience of working with your home building business needs to be positive and professional.

Make sure you really talk to your clients and act personable. Ensure that you maintain good communication with them during a project and follow up with a simple Thank You card after a job is complete. Check in with them later on to ensure they are still happy with the work you did for them.

The better experience a client has with your business, the more likely they will leave you a good review and recommend you to family or friends.

The key to a healthy home building business is consistent marketing and implementing strategies that work behind the scenes while you and your crew are at a worksite. These six methods featured are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to techniques that can turn simple leads into real clients that want to work with you.

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