Allura Color Spotlight: Savannah Wicker

After years of gray ruling supreme as the ultimate neutral, homeowners are slowly moving back toward warmer colors for their homes. They want neutrals that can blend and coordinate with many other shades. One such neutral that works beautifully with a variety of tones is Savannah Wicker from Allura.

Savannah Wicker is a light, taupe-based neutral color that is warmer than gray but still has a little more character than beige. Used alone or with a bold trim, Savannah Wicker is the perfect complement to a wide range of home styles.

Neutral Possibilities

One of the reasons that neutrals are so popular is the way that they can blend with so many other colors and styles. Depending on how you use them, a neutral can be a subtle way to color your whole home or it can be a backdrop to make an accent color really pop.

Neutrals also have a lot of universal appeals; there are few people that will react negatively to a neutral because many know that all they need to do to spice things up is an add an accent color to the trim or front door.

Neutrals come in many different tones, which may help them blend in with one shade or another better. Savannah Wicker is perfectly balanced between warm and cool tones. This gives it the most possibilities for pairing with other colors for roof, trim, and door.

It can work well with cool or warm tones, as well as light and dark hues, so no matter what statement you want to make with your exterior, this color can help you achieve it.

Architectural Accent

Like many neutrals, Savannah Wicker works well on a wide range of architectural styles but does particularly well in traditional style homes. When used with slightly darker trim, it can create a very subtle, tone-on-tone appearance that brings out the texture of shingled homes, as well as helping to highlight the architecture on many styles, including Colonials, Gambrels, and Capes.

If you have a break in material, moving from lap siding to shingles, for example, you could use the Savannah Wicker on the upper portion of the home, with a slightly darker shade below to help highlight the different shingles and to give the home some additional height.

Neutrals like Savannah Wicker do well on traditional homes, but if you’re looking for a way to really make some bold accents pop on your contemporary home, it could also work as either an accent color or as the main tone for homes with very dark or bold trim.

Regional Preferences

Homes across the country have different color palettes that show off their architecture, exterior material, and appearance to the best effect. Savannah Wicker would work best in most northern areas of the U.S., as well as in the Midwest.

It would do well in New England, where many homes are painted neutral shades. Pair it with a gray or white trim for a classic appearance and understated elegance that would enhance many home styles.

In the Midwest, where brick is a very popular secondary exterior material, consider using Savannah Wicker as a contrast to the red. The light neutral house siding combined with the brick would add a lot of dimension, making the details of the architecture really stand out.

If you’re looking in areas of the north outside of New England, consider adding a touch of green or another “natural” hue to your color palette.

A home that features a sage green trim would blend in beautifully with rural areas, warming up the color of the exterior and helping it coordinate better with the surroundings. This color palette would also work particularly well in the Northwest region.

While homes in the South tend to sport darker colors than Savannah Wicker, you could also pair the color with a very dark trim to help it coordinate with the region, while also standing out. This color pairing would create a very striking look that would certainly turn heads and increase your home’s curb appeal.

Just make sure that all of the accent colors including trim, doors, roofing, and shutters feature dark shades. They’ll pop against the lighter background, creating a dynamic look that can work well on a variety of architectural styles. This is a great way to add some interest to smaller homes that might not stand out if done in a completely light or subtle color palette.

Get Your Ideal Home Color

Colors like Savannah Wicker are incredibly versatile, working well on many homes and in many color combinations. And coming from Allura, your color is going to be crack, fade, and chip-resistant for years to come, no matter what your climate or region. This will allow you to enjoy your home’s appearance for much longer than you might be able to do with paint. Get the best color and appearance for your home, and consider Savannah Wicker from Allura to get the ideal color for your exterior.

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