7 Shake Siding Ideas to Enhance Your Home's Style

Shake siding has a unique look that can enhance the architecture and style of your home. Best of all, shakes are available in a wide range of different styles, allowing you to mix and match or to customize your exterior to find a unique look for your façade.

While most people associate shakes with cedar, they can actually be made of a few different materials, including durable and low maintenance fiber cement. Fiber cement shingles and shakes are available in straight and irregular edges, as well as individual shakes, allowing you greater flexibility in designing your exterior.

Shake Siding Design Ideas

Check out these seven design ideas for shake siding to help uncover the next look for your home.

1. Chateau Style

One of the reasons that shake siding is so popular is the way that it can give your home a rustic or retreat-style r look. This home makes great use of that style by mixing horizontal lap siding with a straight-edge shingle with varying widths. All materials are stained the same shade of Mahogany, to give a more subtle appearance to the home.

The mixture of the shingles with the lap siding helps emphasize the architecture and design of the home as well. Together, the two styles of siding add a lot of interest to the exterior.

2. Different Buildings, Different Styles

This unique property features two different styles of siding – including shakes. Each building of the home gets its own unique look by using either shake siding with a traditional shingle roof or a board and batten style siding with a metal roof. The colors of the buildings remain constant, allowing the different textures and styles of the siding to be the biggest design elements.

This helps create a unique and interesting façade, emphasizing the different buildings, while still allowing them to remain part of the same architecture by keeping the colors consistent. The shakes and the color of the home help lend a beachy feel to the property.

3. Fieldstone Texture

This home features a lot of natural fieldstone in both its architecture and its landscaping. This color and texture takes center stage for the property, which means that the siding needs to complement it in order to give the home its best appearance.

In this case, using a shake over the entire property in a complementary shade of gray to the fieldstone helps give it a texture and appearance that help create a cohesive design with the fieldstone.

4. Double Accent

Shakes and shingles don’t need to be used over the majority of the exterior in order to have an impact on the design. Sometimes, they also work well as accents. This property uses two different styles of shingle to emphasize the architecture and detail of the home.

A straight edge shingle makes up the bulk of the accent, while a decorative shingle with a rounded edge is used just above it. Together, the two different types of shingle help pull the eye upward and create an interesting and unique look for the property.

5. Beach Style Shakes

This dramatic beach property makes beautiful use of a light, Sterling Gray shake to help give it a weathered and natural appearance that allows it to fit in perfectly with its surroundings. With the oversized windows and size of the home, the shakes help to preserve a more authentic appearance and give it more a feel of a beach cottage.

By keeping the colors light, the shakes become more of a texture and background for the rest of the building, rather than a focal point. This allows both the windows and the location to take center stage.

6. Bold Color

Most people associate shake siding with wood stains and muted or neutral colors. But shakes can be found in a wide range of other colors as well, including colors like this bold green.

Rather than simply cladding the home in a traditional lap siding in a solid color, the use of the shakes helps add a lot of interest and character to the home. The texture of the shakes shines through the bold green color, letting the shakes become both siding and decorative accent at the same time.

7. Subtle Accent

Having your shakes installed in a bold color doesn’t have to mean installing them everywhere. This home uses shakes in the same Forest green as the rest of the property, but in an accent rather than as the main field.

Horizontal lap siding is used over the majority of the home, while a few architectural panels and the shakes call attention to specific architectural details. Using the same color everywhere helps create a unified and subtle look, while the different types of siding add texture and interest to the design.

Create Your Ideal Exterior

Shake siding can come in so many different colors and styles, you’ll have no trouble finding one that’s right for your home. Use these ideas as a jumping off point to helping you create your ideal home exterior.

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