Should Exterior Trim Match Windows?

Homeowners who are ready for a new build or total renovation can start the process with excitement over the possibilities, but once they realize how many details must be accounted for, they may question their original design ideas. It’s common to have questions! When it comes to exterior trim colors, there’s one big question that usually comes up: Should exterior trim match the windows?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it will often depend on the home’s architecture, color palette, and the homeowner’s unique style. However, there are some helpful guidelines that can assist homeowners in assessing their exterior and finding the best exterior trim choice for their home.

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Still deciding if the exterior trim should match the windows or not? Take these ideas into consideration before making a final decision:

Evaluate All Elements of the Exterior

One of the first things to do is to evaluate all the different architectural components of the house. Some structures have a more detailed facade than others, and visualizing the color scape of the entire exterior can help determine if the exterior trim should match the windows. As a general rule, more modest exteriors with plain architecture may benefit from a striking color contrast. In contrast, homes with ornate exteriors may call for more color consistency that draws attention to other architectural components.

When coming up with a design, be sure to account for all aspects of the exterior, including the window sash, window trim, house trim, siding, and lighting fixtures. The color coordination should span all of these different elements. Incorporating color consistency and matching tones across every detail will help the final product’s design look intentional and smart.

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Color Contrast Can Enhance the Exterior Facade

For most exteriors, color contrast is the way to go. Selecting exterior trim that contrasts with the window sash can elevate the home’s visual appearance and create an interesting color dynamic that elevates curb appeal and generates character.

Some color combos work better than others. Light-colored exterior trim, like cream, beige or white, are classic choices that work with almost any siding color. Likewise, dark colors, like jet black or maroon, can bring incredible definition to the windows and emphasize surrounding architectural components. Use a color wheel and popular color palettes to consider the various options, as this will help you find the best fit for your home.

Exceptions to the Design Rule

There are always exceptions to the rule, and it’s no different with exterior trim colors. Even though color contrast is more common for exterior trim and windows, many modern buildings feature matching exterior trim and windows for a smoother, more consistent visual appearance.

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The color contrast between the exterior trim and window sash is the common standard. However, color consistency can be a good idea when other areas of the building warrant more immediate attention, like the entryway or balcony. Even if your home falls into the traditional category, don’t be afraid to experiment with color or break free from conventional design recommendations. After all, it’s your home, and you call the shots!

Matching Exterior Trim and Siding

Color will also play a significant role in how the exterior trim and windows look against the exterior siding. In many cases, matching the exterior trim with the siding can create a beautiful, seamless appearance, especially when a striking color is used for the window sash. Material consistency is also key, so be sure to use the same or similar products for the exterior trim and the surrounding siding for a high-caliber appearance.

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Keep Consistent Color for the Long Run

Whether you decide to match the windows with exterior trim or not, it’s worth it to find a high-quality trim provider and source long-lasting trim for your renovation project. There’s nothing worse than finally getting the perfect exterior look and then needing to re-paint or re-stain the trim because of deterioration a few years down the line.

Investing in more durable exterior trim is quite easy. In fact, Allura makes a comprehensive line of fiber cement trim, lap siding, vertical panel siding, and other products so that you can keep the durability consistent throughout the exterior. Fiber cement products feature an innovative composition that yields enhanced durability and strength, translating to a longer-lasting product for your home.

Plus, with a variety of attractive factory-applied colors and finishes to choose from, it’s easy to discover awesome products to match exterior trim to windows or siding. From classic styles to modern trends, Allura makes a selection of high-quality exterior products that will look great and perform with excellence for years to come.

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