Allura’s Slate Siding: Exterior Cement Siding Color Review

Colors inspired by nature are nearly universally popular. Maybe it’s the way that they call to mind other settings or places, or maybe it’s the way that natural colors are so frequently associated with soothing attributes. In either case, if you’re looking for a siding color that is inspired by nature and sure to fit in with any surroundings you choose to use it in, consider Allura’s Slate siding. Slate is a deep gray color that is reminiscent of the stones quarried in Vermont and found naturally through the US. Used alone or paired with a lighter color as an accent, Slate siding is sure to give your home the curb appeal you’re looking for.

Deep Neutral

Gray has been a popular neutral color for the last several years, in part due to its versatility. Gray pairs well with numerous other colors and tones including whites, tans, blacks, blues, greens, and purples. This means that you can use it as a neutral backdrop to nearly any color scheme, making it an ideal choice for homes.

Slate is a very deep, dark gray with a cool undertone. Like the stone it is named after, Slate bring a weight and gravity with its color that is ideal for creating a home exterior that is meant to get attention. Paired with bright white trim, black shutters, or something more unique like lime green gingerbread, Slate will allow you to clad your home in a way that is bound to attract attention.

Versatile for Architecture

So many colors of siding need to be paired with specific types of architecture in order for them to look their best. This can be limiting when you want to create the ideal appearance for your home, or you want your home to fit in with its neighborhood or surroundings.

Slate is a versatile color that will work well on many different architectural styles. Its dark color means that it will pair well with many modern and contemporary-style houses, while the rich gray tones mean that it can also work well on smaller homes that need a cooler toned siding to enhance their visual size.

Because the color of slate is so closely paired with nature, it can also be used on Craftsman and Arts and Crafts style homes or bungalows. The color could also make a dark backdrop for a dramatic Victorian when paired with shades of lime or lilac.

The key to helping Slate work with any style of home is to pay attention to its surroundings and its trim. White trim will appear very crisp against the dark color of the siding, but this will emphasize the deepness of the hue at the same time. For a subtler look, a very light gray trim could create a softer appearance, while lightening up sections of the home. A lighter gray would also work well as an accent color for things like decorative shingles if you are attempting to bring out different architectural attributes of the home.

Regional Appeal

Another way that Slate appeals is in the fact that it can used in many different regions with great success. Colors like gray tend to do well in New England, while in the south, darker colors are often preferred, letting Slate blend in nearly anywhere along the East coast.

Natural colors are often preferred in the Midwest, as well as in many areas of the north. Slate is a color taken from nature – the stone it takes its name from – which means that it could easily fit in on a cabin in the woods or one located high in the Rocky Mountains.

Like with blending Slate to the architecture it is used on, the colors included on the trim and accents of the home will go a long way toward helping this dark gray color fit in with its surroundings. Lighten up the color with a two-tone effect as you approach the coast, or go for a dramatic effect in the south with a very crisp white trim, black shutters, and a bold red door. Slate is so versatile, it can blend well with numerous accent colors, which will enable it to work well in many neighborhoods and regions of the United States.

Consider Slate for Your Home

Slate siding from Allura is rich, bold, and versatile. It is sure to attract attention wherever it is applied, whether as the main color of the home, or in a two-tone application. And like all siding from Allura, it won’t peel, fade, or chip, outlasting wood siding and traditional paint for many years, so you can enjoy the color of your Slate siding without worry or yearly maintenance. Consider Slate siding from Allura for your home and make a statement that will transcend your home’s style and curb appeal.

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