13 Social Media Posts Ideas for Home Builders

As a home builder, you’re always on the lookout for new and better ways to grow your business. You already know that social media is a powerful marketing tool, but once you’ve signed up for Facebook, Instagram, and all the rest, what do you post?

Take a look at these 13 examples of great social media from home builders and get the tips you need to keep your social media fresh and interesting.

#1: Branch Out

Facebook might be the first place you think of when it comes to social media, but don’t stop there! You have a lot of options for platforms to post on - your basics should include Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Houzz, and LinkedIn too (though there are plenty more out there). Have a goal to set up an account on each, but don’t feel like you have to do it all today. Get one account up and running smoothly - with regular posts - and then slowly branch out as you have the time and resources.

#2: Put Your Best Foot Forward

You probably have a few projects that you’re really proud of - homes that turned out perfectly, with the gorgeous pictures to prove it. Make sure you highlight these gems on your social media. Eye-catching visuals will draw likes and shares and build your reputation as a first-class builder.

#3: Use Hashtags - Wisely

Hashtags are a delicate thing. They’re a great way for people to find you through relevant keywords, and everyone loves them. Scatter a few in a post now and again, and you show an engaging, playful vibe that says you’re on-trend and fun. But tack a dozen of them onto every post, and suddenly your post is cluttered and annoying. Keep it simple and relevant.

#4: Get Personal

Keep it real by posting pictures of actual customers who are happy with their homes (with permission, of course). The internet is a big, wide world, and your customers are craving a connection to reality. We dig this post by Shodeen Homes that showcases a beautiful home with the real people who love it!

#5: Ask Questions

Likes, shares, and comments are the gold at the end of the social media rainbow - and to get them, you need to get people to stop scrolling for a second. Elicit a response to your post, and you’ll connect to customers and stick in their memories. There are a lot of ways to use this idea - from surveys and quizzes, to asking for opinions on a home-building topic, and much more. Don’t be afraid to ask for comments!

# 6: Be a Know-It-All

Your social media posts can be a lot of things: entertaining, interesting, impressive, salesy - and all have their place. But build trust by being a reliable source of knowledge and information, and you’ll gain the clout you need to gain long-term customers and referrals. So don’t forget to regularly educate through your social media.

#7: Share The Good

Have you participated in charity work? Make sure to highlight your efforts through your social media accounts! Not only does this give your company a good name and a great reputation for being a caring business, but feel-good posts like this are great at building word-of-mouth and trust.

#8: Pick A Winner

Everyone loves a good contest, so it’s a great way to get participation in your social media. And if you link your post to your website in order for people to enter, you’ll get more traffic to your website too.

#9: Inspire

Home building is an emotional project for your customers - for many, it’s the culmination of the dream of a lifetime. When you recognize that deep connection and make it meaningful, you’ll build a great relationship with your customers that will manifest itself in referrals and a great reputation. Inspirational quotes, pictures, and thoughts are all great way to connect with your customers - past, present, and future.

#10: Be A People Person

Your employees mean a lot to your business and do fantastic work, so give them a shout out every once in a while! It’s something different, and a way to give your company a human element. Your customers want to know that they’ll be dealing with real live human beings, not a faceless company.

#11: Link Your Social Media

If you’ve got accounts on half a dozen different social media platforms, you may have a lot of customers that are only following you on one or two. Make sure everyone knows that you’re everywhere, and that different things are happening on different platforms.

#12: Don’t Be All Business

Sometimes, it’s nice to just say hi to your followers without any kind of call to action or business promotion. This may not seem like a great business practice at first glance, but it will keep your company account personable and welcoming, and build trust. We love posts that simply wish their customers a Merry Christmas, or a friendly hello on a Monday morning.

#13: Have a Sense of Humor

Don’t be afraid to crack a joke now and then. A good sense of humor helps people relate to you and your business. Funny memes and jokes are great fodder for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And don’t worry about making them up yourself, just do a quick search for “home builder jokes” and you’ll find plenty of great things to post.

The best part is that all of these ideas are simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media. There are limitless possibilities, and we hope that we’ve inspired you to get started and hit the ground running!

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