7 Social Media Post Ideas for Remodelers

You have a lot on your plate as a remodeler. Your life is crazy, we know. But if you aren’t taking a quick 5 minutes to post to your business’ social media account every day, you’re losing out on a great opportunity to find new clients and build trust with existing ones. It’s something you probably already know you ought to be doing, but maybe you just aren’t sure what to post to keep it fresh and new.

Luckily, we’ve got 7 quick and easy examples of great post ideas for you. It’ll keep you going for the week, and hopefully fire up your creative juices to help you realize that there are a lot of great ways to use social media to promote your business.

1. Have a Contest

The ultimate success for a social media post is for it to go viral and get lots of attention. Contests are fabulous at this, especially if you make sharing the post a requirement for entry. Bonus points for also having people like your page in order to win. You’ll get tons of new subscribers to your page and a lot of publicity.

It’s your call what the prize will be, of course, but the bigger the prize, the better chance you have of raking in a lot of interest. This post from Ultimate Remodeling, based out of Rochester, Minnesota, for example, has gotten over 5,000 likes and over ten thousand shares in just five days. Sure, they’ll be remodeling a bathroom for free, but for that kind of exposure, the return on investment is pretty darn good.

2. Toot Your Own Horn

Have you ever won an award of any kind? Received recognition or a new certification from a prestigious organization? Voted “best of” in the newspaper? Tell the world about it! This is an easy way to build trust in your personal brand and help people feel comfortable with you - a real key in for people choosing a remodeler.

3. Celebrate Holidays

You know what they say about all work and no play? That applies to your remodeling Facebook page, too. Take the time to wish your customers a Merry Christmas or Happy Fourth of July. You can even insert some extra fun into this by celebrating random, weird “holidays”. Just look up the date to see what today’s is, like “Puppy Day” on March 23rd or “Wear Pajamas to Work Day” on April 16th. The point is, always remember to have fun.

4. Don’t Forget “The Middle”

If you’ve been doing the social media thing for a while now, you’ve probably posted your share of Before and After pics (which are great). But what about those pictures that show the job in progress? It’s messy and dirty and crazy, yes. But as a remodeler, you deal with all the dirty work people don’t want to have to do themselves. In progress pics serve as a reminder to your customers of all the stuff they won’t have to deal with if they hire you. Win, win.

5. Share a “How To”

A cardinal rule of great content is that in order to be effective, it must have value to your audience. People want posts that will do something for them, or help them out in some way. Think about all the valuable knowledge you can share with your social media followers, and find creative ways to showcase it. This post by Power Home Remodeling links to an article about how to winterize your garage. Ideally, these kinds of articles will be stationed on your website’s blog, so posting links to them on social media does the double duty of driving traffic to your site.

6. Have a Great Hook

Speaking of linking to your blog, any post you write is fantastic social media material, but to really get traffic, you’ll need an engaging headline. This post from Reliable Remodeler walks a perfect line of mysterious and intriguing without quite dipping into clickbait territory. Hopefully, we’re also driving the point home that having a blog on your website is a good idea - not only for social media purposes, but also for boosting your SEO and customer loyalty.

7. Don’t Always Go Big

A great thing about social media is that you can post a grandiose sale or contest one day, and the next, just give a little shout-out or share a simple one-liner. You don’t always have to have a picture with your post, and in fact, stepping back a little bit sometimes will help you not to become intrusive to your followers. We like this little tidbit from Hannah Custom Homes and Remodeling. Great lead to their website, and a little subtle hashtag action to boot.

Keeping up with your social media posting will keep you fresh and relevant in your industry and with your customer base, and is a great - and mostly free - form of advertising that usually only takes a few minutes a day. Hopefully, you’ve been inspired to try something new on your Facebook page to boost your business!

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