The Best Alternative to Stained Cedar Shake Siding

There’s no question that stained cedar shake siding looks absolutely gorgeous — but at what cost, and under what conditions? With intensive maintenance and mild weather conditions year-round, it’s certainly possible to have a beautiful home with stained cedar shake siding, but it’s not likely.

The reality is that most homeowners have to deal with expensive repairs, exhausting upkeep, and unsightly deterioration of their stained cedar shake siding. This is exactly why homeowners have been turning to an innovative alternative that captures the beauty of stained cedar without all the headaches. Fiber cement shake siding allows homeowners to utilize this iconic exterior look while benefiting from a much stronger siding product that performs at top quality with little to no maintenance.

Once you consider all the issues that come with stained cedar shake siding, you’ll head for this smart alternative without looking back!


The Real Issues with Stained Cedar Shake Siding

Don’t let the online photo galleries of beautiful stained cedar shake siding fool you. Wood cabin enthusiasts would love this to be the reality, but unfortunately, homes built with stained cedar shake siding often start losing their lustre soon after installation. Why? Cedar is a natural wood product, which means that it’s highly susceptible to damage from various sources. For example, humidity and ground moisture can cause stained cedar shake siding to warp and rot, while heat and natural seasonal weather patterns can cause the wood shingles to swell and buckle. Once shake siding starts losing its form, it quickly makes the home appear run-down.

Homes that are located in regions with consistently mild weather year-round — and there aren’t many places like that — can expect to show signs of sunlight damage over time, since prolonged sun exposure can cause stained cedar shake siding to fade. Discoloration is almost always inconsistent, meaning some parts of the home will fade in color faster than others, creating an eyesore of obvious patchiness.

Due to its vulnerability to the elements, it’s worth considering an alternative to stained cedar shake siding.


Maintaining Stained Cedar Shake Siding

Anything that is stained must be re-stained. Unlike smooth lap siding, stained cedar shake siding can be tricky to re-stain, simply because of all the edges and overlapping parts. For stained cedar shake siding, homeowners should plan to put on a fresh coat every two to three years if they want to maintain the original color and attractiveness of their siding.

In addition to re-staining, natural wood siding products, like stained cedar shake siding, often require additional treatments to be protected against other environmental threats. For example, homeowners may want to consider applying an insect-repellent or a fire retardant product to the siding for additional protection.

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Cedar Shake Can Flake — Not Fiber Cement

Dry heat, sun exposure, and basic changes in seasonal weather can cause natural wood to swell, contract, and dry out. One of the most common signs of this is flaking. Stained cedar shake siding can flake and become brittle over time because of its natural composition. Fiber cement shake is an excellent alternative, because its strong composition keeps it intact, unlike stained cedar shake siding.

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Flammability Fears

A considerable risk with stained cedar shake siding is its natural flammability. Wildfires are on the rise across the Great Plains and the West Coast, so it’s smart to invest in fire-resistant products for the home. Fiber cement has a Class A Fire Rating, which is an incredible advantage for homeowners. While there are some products available for treating stained cedar shake siding, the protection doesn’t compare with a product like fiber cement, which is already fire-resistant.

Long-Term Costs

There is so much maintenance involved with stained cedar shake siding that the long-term costs of keeping the siding in tip-top shape can start adding up quickly. Sourcing the raw materials alone can be difficult and pricey in some areas, but homeowners should anticipate the long-term costs of upkeep when calculating expenses. A siding solution like fiber cement is intentionally designed to be low-maintenance, so homeowners won’t need to spend money on stain, caulk, replacement panels, or other tools often needed for the routine maintenance of stained cedar shake siding.


The Best Alternative to Stained Cedar Shake Siding

Choosing an alternative to stained cedar shake siding is not only smart — it’s practically necessary these days. The fiber cement products from Allura recreate the look of cedar shake, so homeowners can still get that wonderful authentic look, but with the peace of mind of a much more durable product. Allura makes their cedar shake siding in several colors, providing lots of styles to choose from. Take a look at the best alternative to stained cedar shake siding by browsing Allura’s product line today.

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