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Allura’s Architectural Panels with EasyTrim Reveals

Advanced Panels Make it Easy for Architects to Stand Out

June 29, 2014 – (Houston, TX) – For any builder or architect, to create an interesting structure that stands out amongst the competition and attracts a potential buyer can be challenging. To add to the challenge, designers look for ample design choices, eco-friendly materials, and easy installation methods for quick construction. Then, the feat becomes pulling it all together on time and budget, so that the end product is pleasing to the eye, profitable and paramount in its surroundings.

Introducing Allura’s premier fiber cement Architectural Panels with EasyTrim Reveals, by Plycem that offer a modern look for less money, with long-lasting, sustainable materials that install easily and can stand up to harsh weather and any climate.

Making a statement has never been so convenient with Allura’s architectural panels due to the variety of choices for texture and color. The sleek, contemporary lines of the aluminum exterior system are seamless, durable and cost-efficient, not to mention eye-catching. Architects can dress up a design with daring hues and bold strokes of ingenuity to become the talk of the town. Gone are the days of using generic cladding materials that will eventually rot, crack and end up in a landfill. Allura is backed by an industry-leading warranty, resists moisture and decay. The innovative-engineered technology of the material creates a product that is not only weather resistant, but non-combustible with a Class A (1) flame spread rating. Allura premier fiber cement is impervious to wood-boring insects and stands up to freeze/thaw cycles, salt spray and is tested in accordance with ASTM C1186 requirements. These standards include a stringent review of flexural strength, moisture movement, frost resistance, transverse loading and water absorption.

Box panel systems can be more expensive requiring an increase in budget and many metal systems require off-site fabrication and become costly to install. Dirt streaking and color fading is also is prevalent with other systems. But Allura Architectural Panels with EasyTrim Reveals offer architects endless design opportunities for considerably less money.

“Allura’s Architectural Panels are breeding excitement among designers,” said Jessica L . Navascues, CEO, Fiber Cement Divisions. “Allura offers a premium, value-added siding that is less expensive, easy to install and protects a structural investment from moisture, fire and infestation.”

From fit to finish, Allura continues to gain momentum in the plank ranks by keeping up with current trends offering classic and bold styles for structural designs.


Elementia is a Mexican consortium of leading industrial and construction companies, which provides great technology in essential solutions for fiber cement, cement, concrete, polyethylene, styrene, polypropylene and copper applications. Elementia has four divisions: Metals, Building Systems, Plastics, and Cement, and has a presence in over 40 countries in the Americas and Europe with more them 5,000 distribution centers.

The Allura brand, by Plycem, was launched in 2014 as member of Elementia Group, bringing a beautiful, quality brand choice to the conglomerate. Beauty that lasts reflects the quality of Allura’s products, loyalty and trust from its partners; and commitment to provide more choices to Allura’s customers for the test of time.

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