Allura Reopens Terre Haute Facility

Thanks to increasing demand for our fiber cement siding, our production plant in Terre Haute, Indiana is now open.

Demand for our fiber cement siding has been growing at a record rate, and we’re excited to say we’re growing with it.

More People Want Our Products

The 438,000-square-foot plant will allow us to satisfy desire for our fiber cement products in expanding markets in the Midwest.

Back in October 2017, we entered an agreement with KB Homes to be their only supplier of fiber cement siding. That contract is proof of the trust and satisfaction Allura customers feel with our products.

The opening of our plant in Terre Haute will help us meet the demands of KB Homes and other customers as desire for our fiber cement siding continues to grow as forecasted.

The fiber cement market is expected to grow approximately five percent annually, and thanks to the well-established confidence in our products, Allura will lead the way in that growth.

Confidence and Quality Leads To Growth, Leads To Jobs

Our contract with KB Homes is just one indicator of the confidence homebuilders have in our products.

With over 75 years experience and having recently been named “Siding of the Year” by Peninsula Publishing Building Products Branding Survey, it’s clear why Allura is a leader in homebuilding products.

Allura’s fiber cement siding, shingles, and soffits are fire resistant and more durable and longer lasting than wood siding. We believe in its strength so much that we guarantee a 50-year Limited Warranty.

And with over six different product lines with numerous options for all, Allura can easily satisfy your homebuilding needs.

Our success fuels expansion, which means we get to hire more hard working Americans. The Terre Haute plant will employ approximately 60 Allura employees on its 95-acre campus in the Vigo County Industrial Park.

Allura’s continued success allows us to revitalize the plant and, in turn, strengthen the community, not only with stronger building products, but good jobs as well.

Feel the durability. See the beauty.

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