The 8 Elements of a Healthy Home

There is a growing market for healthy homes, as more and more developers are working to expand their definition of green housing to stay head in the Healthy Homes movement. Here are the 8 elements that homebuyers, homeowners, and builders should consider when determining the “health” of a home.

Toxic Free

Keeping a home free of contaminants like lead-based paints in pre-1978 homes, asbestos in aging building materials, and radon, a naturally occurring gas that enters homes through foundation cracks, is essential for a healthy home.


Does the home have efficient smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? Are poisons stored safely and properly labeled? Are loose rugs secured? Again, these are the responsibility of a homeowner, but should be on your check-list when meeting with a client about creating a healthy home.


A healthy home should be built with materials that withstand natural elements. It should be cleaned, inspected, and repaired routinely before minor repairs become major problems.

Energy Efficient

Reducing the amount of energy to run a home conserves a family's resources and income, freeing finances to maintain other house systems. Walking your clients through this checklist will help them make good choices for their future home or their current renovation.


Water is not entering through leaks in the roof and siding, through improper drainage around the foundation, or through the interior plumbing. Moisture leads to mold and can trigger asthma symptoms.


While this is not the responsibility of the professional, a family asking about constructing a healthy home should be advised of keeping belongings organized and surfaces clear and easy to clean regularly. Storage systems should be incorporated to assist with this.


Pests are looking for food, water, and shelter. They enter through cracks and other openings in a home. Educate your clients about the pests typical for your region and best methods and maintenance for keeping them at bay.


Ventilation is typical for bathrooms and kitchens, but whole house ventilation will keep a supply of fresh air circulating through a home and reduce the concentration of contaminants in the air.

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