The Sustainable Value of Fiber Cement

Sustainability is based on using less, getting the most use out of what we do use, and using everything at a pace that can be reabsorbed or used again. As the world becomes more populous, the demand for a sustainable environment grows.

Fiber cement is a key material for sustainable building practices and is a dependable resource in the construction of “healthy homes.”

The unique qualities of fiber cement are advantageous to conserving resources and offering safety. Products are impervious to wood boring insects, resistant to UV radiation, and are flame retardant. The material is also water resistant and does not rot. Homes built with fiber cement will stand up to extreme weather, including rain, snow, frost and humidity-reducing risks and vulnerabilities. This allows us to get through disasters with less loss and less waste.

The durable composition of fiber cement eliminates the need to re-side a home by 50 years, reducing the consumption of replacement materials. Furthermore, to safeguard human health and the environment, fiber cement is made with recycled materials including cellulose fibers, sand and cement. Products are asbestos-free and contain non-toxic components. With design versatility, products can imitate the appearance of wooden siding, clapboard and shingles- sustaining cost and extending the range of performance properties.

Money too is a finite resource and the cost efficiency of fiber cement contributes to a return on investment. Warranty benefits are long lasting and installation costs are low. With an increasing demand for energy efficient homes, houses are valued higher when built with sustainable resources.

Allura USA is demonstrating their value for sustainability by donating thousands of dollars worth of fiber cement building materials towards building a “healthy home” for a veteran in need.

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