The Top 25 Home Builder Blogs in Washington

When you’re ready to build or remodel a home, it helps to have a builder who you can get to know and trust to do the job right. One way to get to the know the style, personality, and quality of the builder is to find them on social media, and learn more about the way they view their business.

Blogs can be a fantastic source of information, as well as a way to get to know someone. Take a look at this list of the top 25 home builder blogs in Washington to find the perfect builder for your needs.

1.Stillwater Dwellings

Interested in different types of construction and learning more about what they are, as well as how much they’ll cost? Take a look at the blog put out by Stillwater Dwellings. Specializing in prefab construction, the company uses its blog as a platform to help educate consumers, so you can make better, more informed decisions.

2. Method Homes

Method Homes is another prefab construction company that specializes in very contemporary designs. Their blog gives you a behind the scenes peek at the company, and lets you get to know their work more intimately than a simple look at a portfolio would do.

3.Precision Craft

Log homes are a fascinating subset of the home building world. And the blog put out by Precision Craft gives you a great deal of information on this specialty design. All about log homes, and what’s possible within them, this blog will satisfy all of your questions on this subject with ease.

4. Rob Rice Homes

Full of advice for homeowners and prospective builders alike, the blog at Rob Rice Homes is filled with information and helpful, how-to tips. Get a look at information such as home maintenance and even what to do when moving with kids and pets.

5.DeTray’s Custom Housing

Updated regularly, DeTray’s Custom Housing blog is an eclectic mix of information. You’ll learn a lot about the company and what they can provide you with, but you’ll also learn quite a bit of industry knowledge as well, which can help you figure out more about what you may want in a new home.

6. Homestead Log Homes

Log homes are a popular topic in Washington, and Homestead Log Homes seeks to answer your questions on this area of home building on their blog. Much of the site is dedicated to specific projects, but it gives you an intimate look into how a log home is built, and the features it may contain.

7.Shea Homes

Shea Homes goes beyond the typical builder information on their blog, giving you tips and advice for improving your current home and lifestyle as well. Look for how-to articles on things like making your space cozier and more comfortable, as well as posts on what the company may offer you.

8. Cedar Homes of Washington

While Cedar Homes of Washington doesn’t run an explicit blog, they do contain a section of very helpful articles and posts on their site designed to answer your questions and provide you with the type of information that you’d look for in a blog. From useful building tips to information on things like laminated versus log wall systems, you’ll find a wealth of information here to draw from.

9.Small House Bliss

If you’re interested in tiny houses, don’t miss Small House Bliss. This entire site is dedicated to telling the stories behind the small homes it features. You’ll get an intimate look at why people chose to build these small homes, as well as the features that the buildings can contain.

10. Toll Talks

The Toll Talks blog is an extension of the Toll Brother’s building company. On the blog, the brothers offer helpful advice and information such as how to maximize the light in your home, as well as a look at different building practices that they can offer to you.

11.Summit Homes

The blog at Summit Homes offers a mixture of news articles about the company, allowing you to get to know them better, as well as some helpful posts on the benefits of different facets of building and design. Highlights include featured areas and why you’d benefit from building in specific locations.

12. Spane

If you like multi-media blog posts that show you more than the written word can by itself, check out the blog by Spane. Many of the posts include short videos or vlogs that can help you view the information in entirely different ways than the average home builder blog.

13.Lexar Homes

Under their news category, you’ll find a variety of informative blog posts by Lexar Homes. Here, you’ll find information and advice on everything you’ll need to build your new home, including mortgages and even the size of home that’s right for your lifestyle.

14. Scott Homes

If you’re looking for information on green or energy efficient homes, check out the blog posts by Scott Homes. You’ll find ways to improve your current home’s efficiency and design, as well as learn more about what may be possible to create in a new home as well.

15.The Welcome Mat

Don’t let the wide range of information on the blog, The Welcome Mat fool you. While you’ll find all kinds of tips on everything from flood insurance to what tools you should have around the home, the blog is actually an extension of one of the largest home builders in the US – D.R. Horton.

16. Adair Homes

The Adair Homes blog is filled with a variety of informative topics that homeowners can relate to. From material spotlights to finding the right region to build in, you won’t get bored with the amount of quality content that you’ll find here.

17. JayMarc Homes

The blog at JayMarc Homes is a nice complement to the work that this builder does. You’ll find information about the latest trends and news on owning a home. The blog also features various projects and events in Mercer Island.

18. Reality Homes

The blog posts at Reality Homes really help break down complex topics for homeowners. You can look at information by room, including basements and kitchens, or by floor plan, or simply by tips. The information is well laid out, making the topics highly searchable and easy to find.

19.Custom Builder

If you like blog posts that read like stories, while still giving you the information and ideas you’re looking for, check out the blog at Custom Builder Online. These well written posts give you a lot of background information on the company, the area, and the types of homes they build.

20. Simplicity

The Simplicity Blog is another really informative site, filled with information and ideas for homeowners. You’ll find tips on natural cleaning products and choosing the right location for your home, as well as how to make the most of the space that you already have.

21.New Tradition Homes

If you like photo heavy blogs with lots of visual inspiration and presentation, then check out builder New Tradition Homes. The site is filled with beautiful images that are sure to help you determine what it is you want to see in your new home, as well as helpful, informative blog posts with tips and ideas.

22. American Classic Homes

The blog at American Classic Homes is spot on for helping homeowners make decisions about the homes they live in, and the homes they’d like to build. With information on everything from determining if now is the right time to buy to deciding whether a home theater is important to a home, you’ll find a lot of ideas in this builder blog.

23.True Built Home

The blog at True Built Home is designed to answer the questions and topics that homeowners are most interested in. The posts cover topics like solar energy, as well as information about the area and events that are going on nearby for those that want to check out the neighborhood before committing to building there.

24. River Bend Timber Framing

If you’re into more unique forms of construction and learning about them, check out the blog at River Bend Timber Framing. This type of French Country construction and architecture isn’t seen everywhere, which makes this a unique site to visit and to follow. You’ll get a lot of information about what sets the company the architecture apart, allowing you to better determine what you want for your home.

25.StoneRidge Homes

While the blog at StoneRidge Homes isn’t as prominently displayed as on other builder’s sites, their information and posts make it worthy of a visit. The posts range from what custom home building can offer you to specific in-depth looks at smaller areas of the home, like mudrooms and kitchen nooks.

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