US Demand for Fiber Cement Grows

Allura Gets a Boost in Business as US Demand for Fiber Cement Grows

It has been speculated that the demand for fiber cement products in the United States is expected to rise 8% annually through 2017. Feeling the rush is newcomer Allura Fiber Cement, brought to the US by Plycem, which has been chosen for a variety of multi-use projects from coast to coast this year. Even though the construction boom is demanding, Allura has been able to deliver a stronger, better product that will last much longer and arrive ready to install. Steadily, fiber cement siding is outperforming in the market share across the board compared to wood. Builders, architects and homeowners are choosing a sleek aesthetic cladding and leaving behind the upkeep and maintenance of wood siding.

On a renovation job for a single-family home in North Carolina, a contractor and homeowner saw a strong return on investment by choosing to install Allura’s ColorMax Maple stained exterior cladding. Allura offered an authentic looking, moisture resistant, non-combustible material that was also impervious to wood-boring insects. Allura has seen an increase in sales this year due to its advanced engineering and world-class service.

Contractors have been taking notice in particular to Allura’s easy installation system, that offers installers reduced time and labor on a project. Over the last two decades, fiber cement products have continued to see an increase of usage in the building and construction applications because industry professionals have become more familiar with the material and its long-lasting benefits.

The easy install system has made Allura popular among designers and builders. Allura Fiber Cement products help reduce install times due to the advanced framing system. The reliability of Allura gives a builder the confidence that he or she won’t have to return to the site for upkeep during a job.

Since remodelers can use Allura fiber cement products for exterior cladding, trim and backerboard, contractors have been able to expand revenue streams by utilizing the material on multiple projects at each job. On the inside, homeowners are opting for fiber cement in the bathroom, installing backerboard beneath decorative tile flooring, bathtubs and showers to prevent moisture, decay and rotting.

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