On the East Coast, pastel blues tend to be the go-to shade for homes. On the West Coast, it’s all about Pacific Blue. Pacific Blue siding is a pretty “bleutral” shade of gray-blue that looks closer to dark gray than it does blue in most lights.

Most commonly found in the Pacific Northwest, this home shade became a favorite across the country in recent years. However, it’s not the easiest siding color to style or even design around. If you want to incorporate it into your home, you need to have a little inspiration to make it work. Let’s look at your options.

1. Blue And Wood

Pacific Blue Siding 01

Do you notice how much the gold underside of the wooden roof overhangs seem to draw attention to the Pacific Blue siding? Gold works as a great “foil” for blue, and nothing quite adds that woodsy touch better than a honey oak overhang like the one here.

When paired with golden colors, Pacific Blue tends to have a grayish look. It doesn’t actually turn gray. It’s just a trick of the eyes.

2. An Oceanic Cape Cod

Pacific Blue Siding 11

To a point, having a blue Cape Cod house just makes sense. Cape Cod is known for its rich ocean views, and while it’s actually an East Coast town, the ambiance still fits. Pacific Blue is a great pick for people who love adding an extra oceany vibe to their home’s exterior. The Pacific Blue Siding color can’t help but look beachy when paired with the sandy-red color of the brick accents.

3. Blue And Green

Pacific Blue Siding 10

Blue and green go together like peanut butter and jelly. This home features Pacific Blue siding color paired with a light mint green, hints of sage on the garage door, and pale aqua trim. The overall outcome is a very unique take on oceanic color palettes.

While it could use a different roof color, the truth is that no one would hate to live in a house that has this exterior. It’s quirky and artsy, a bold way to fly in the face of the typical neutrals that homes have.

4. Blue And Clay

Pacific Blue Siding 08

This is one of those options that tends to be divisive. Some people love it, others hate it. Either way, this contemporary home decided to go with Pacific Blue siding topped with a terracotta roof. It’s a serious contrast that will undoubtedly make your home the easiest one to spot on the block.

5. White And Blue

Pacific Blue Siding 07

Oh, now this is what we’re talking about! Pacific blue with white trim, a blue-gray roof, and deep blue shutters…Is there anything more elegant and coordinated? Blue homes can be fickle in the eyes of consumers, but it’s hard to say no to a home exterior that looks this coordinated.

6. The 60s Bungalow

Pacific Blue Siding 06

Did you know that Pacific Blue was fairly popular during the 60s? It’s true, especially when you added artsy pops of color throughout the rest of the home. Here, this little bungalow added red, green, creams, and wood accents to make a major statement that still looks great today.

It can be very hard to make a blue house look cozy. Somehow, all the different warming colors in this photo actually make it work.

7. Pacific Blue And Beige

Pacific Blue Siding 02

A warm chocolate roof with beige shutters make this Pacific Blue siding stand out. Does this look modern? Well, it may look modern, but this color combination isn’t quite new by most standards. This was a fairly popular combination during a brief time in the 1980s. This is a good pick for people who love a contemporary but slightly retro exterior.

8. Pacific Blue Siding And Roofing

Pacific Blue Siding 05

So far, we have already seen one take on a home that’s done up completely in blue and white. The first had Pacific Blue siding that was paired with slightly different shades of blue, then topped with white trim. Here, both the roof and siding are a rich Pacific Blue. The result is amazing. The home’s exterior looks unified and professionally-designed.

9. Grey And Blue

Pacific Blue Siding 03

Do you want your Pacific Blue siding to veer more towards blue rather than gray? There is a quick trick of the eye that you can use to make that happen. To do this, pair your siding with a dusty gray roof with neutral or warm undertones. It will make the blueness of your siding pop way more. You can see the effect in the photo above.

If you want to give your already-Pacific Blue Home a makeover, this is an affordable way to do it. All you have to do is paint your doors and shutters.

10. Block It Out

Pacific Blue Siding 09

Here, we see the classic white trim and gray roof combination featuring Pacific Blue siding, but there’s a small twist. The top window gable fronts are given a full white siding makeover. This adds a boxy, modern, and unexpected element to the house’s front exterior. It’s elegant, but definitely not the traditional look that people tend to enjoy.

11. Slight Off-White

Pacific Blue Siding 04

At first glance, this looks almost the same as all the other homes on this list. However, it’s a bit different. This isn’t actually white as much as it is off-white. It’s a cream color that adds a little yellow tint to the trim of the home. The effect is very subtle, but it’s clear that it adds just a pinch of warmth that helps make the home antique. This is a great pick for people who want to add a little VIctorian flair to a beach house.

Overall, Pacific Blue siding color is tricky to pair, but the effect it offers is well worth it. This is a color that makes a statement and also avoids the “sad beige” trends of neutral siding colors. While it’s not for everyone, this can be the right one for you. Whether it is the right choice for you, though, remains to be seen.

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