Video Marketing Strategies for Contractors, Home Builders, and Remodelers

In an age where homeowners can find the information they’re looking for right at their fingertips, contractors and builders need to work harder than ever before to sell their skills and gain new clients. Setting yourself apart from the competition can be challenging when every website features a lot of the same information.

And while you know that your skills will speak for themselves once you get that call, it’s being able to start that marketing of your skill before you even meet with a client that will help your business grow. Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular as a way for contractors and builders to help showcase their talents. If you’re looking for a way to help set your business apart from the competition, consider using these video marketing strategies to get the job done.

Why Video

You likely already have a website that outlines your services, as well as a portfolio that shows off some of your best work. Paired with recent reviews and references, this should be enough to sell your skills.

For some homeowners, though, this isn’t enough. They need more information, and they need it delivered in an easy to follow method that doesn’t require much of them in the way of searching or researching.

Video helps make that easy. Using a video, you can provide panoramic views of your work, your process, and your materials. You can also answer questions, and put a friendly, approachable face to the name on your business. When homeowners view your videos, they’ll feel as though they know you, and that may be the tipping point that will push them to calling you instead of the competition.

Creating Your Videos

The first step to marketing yourself through video is in the making. First, make sure that your video is going to make the grade. Hire a professional videographer, or purchase a new camera to take the footage.

Next, consider the different angles you can take your video from. Drones can help create impressive views of entire homes and properties at a time, while a walk-through video of your process can help give homeowners an intimate look at what it is that you do, and will help to put any fears they may have about the procedure to rest.

You can also take a friendly approach; rather than simply publishing a FAQ on your site, consider answering questions in front of the camera. Expand more on each one than a simple line or two to help put people at ease, and gain their trust.

Ideally, if you’re taking the time to make a video, you’ll want to cover as many angles as possible. Consider a series that helps break down the different facets of your business into small, manageable videos that can be watched by a homeowner in under five minutes each. Short and to the point marketing will help encourage more views, and will help homeowners get the answers they’re looking for.

Marketing Your Videos

Making the videos and simply putting them on your website isn’t enough; you need to get them out there where they can be seen, driving potential clients to your site where they can then contact you. While it’s fine to embed the videos on your site for people who do reach you directly, be sure to make use of social media sites as well to help promote them.

Upload your videos to a YouTube channel that you can keep regularly updated. By allowing clients to subscribe to your feed, you get a lot of repeat visitors, which in turn raises your rankings and helps build trust amongst potential clients.

Promote your videos through Facebook, sales presentations, and email blasts. Be sure to mention what’s covered in the videos – educational materials for homeowners, answered questions, or walk throughs of completed projects. The idea is to incite interest and get people talking about you, your work, and your business.

By using videos, and continuously updating them to meet consumer questions and demand, you can help set the stage for business growth. These videos should become part of your regular marketing strategy; use them to help set your business and website apart from text and photo only sites that aren’t as interactive.

Grow Your Business Through Video Marketing Campaigns

In today’s tough market, you need to do everything possible to showcase your skills and set yourself apart in order to gain clients and grow your business effectively. Video marketing helps add more dimension and substance to your website and your promotional materials. Videos give clients a better look and understanding of what it is that you have to offer, which can help them make more informed decisions about what it is they want to do with their home. Consider adding video marketing to your strategy to take advantage of the benefits this medium has to offer.

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