6 Issues with Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding and a Better Alternative

Is vinyl shake siding the best way to get around wood rot and repair? No, and here’s why – vinyl cedar shake siding has its own issues unique to plastic-composite materials, including cracks, peeling, environmental concerns and more.

Most homeowners agree that traditional wood shake is a hassle, but there’s a better way to leave behind the fragility concerns of traditional cedar siding without resorting to a sub-par vinyl shake. There’s a smart alternative that delivers on both fronts: durability and aesthetics. Read on to learn more.

Cedar Shake Siding: Beautiful, but Damage-Prone

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Traditional cedar shake siding has fantastic character that’s perfect for outfitting chalets, lodges, cabins, and bungalows. Offering a rugged charm that feels simultaneously sophisticated and relaxed, cedar shake has been a beloved exterior choice for generations. When it comes to aesthetics, there’s no argument: cedar shake siding is gorgeous.

The problem is that maintaining a pristine appearance is near impossible for real cedar shake. All wood siding – including cedar shake – is prone to particular damage simply because of its natural composition. Wood absorbs moisture, remains highly flammable, and does not age well in the elements. Dry rot, mold, and insect infestation are major concerns, along with split and cracked boards that result from heat, frost, and prolonged sun exposure.

To combat all these issues, homeowners need to adopt a heavy maintenance schedule to keep cedar shake siding looking its best. This usually means routine sanding, staining, and painting every few seasons, along with spot repair work and caulking. Most homeowners aren’t up for the level of maintenance required, which is why alternative shake siding options have become so popular.

6 Headaches from Vinyl Cedar Shakes

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The goal with alternative shake siding products is to capture the beauty of real cedar shake while cutting out the traditional issues associated with wood siding. One option that folks are familiar with is vinyl cedar shake siding. Known for its affordability, lots of homeowners are tempted by this option – and may overlook other issues that are known to plague vinyl cedar shakes.

Here are six of the most common problems associated with vinyl cedar shake siding:

1. Scrapes and Cracks

Vinyl cedar shake siding is typically thin and prone to dents, dings, scrapes, and cracks. This type of surface-level damage can occur from even minor impact, like hail or a ladder brushing up against the wall. Even temperature changes can lead to cracking.

2. Fake Appearance

There’s no fooling onlookers – even the most detailed vinyl shake siding still has a plastic-y appearance and a noticeable sheen. Because of its composition, vinyl is not the best material capable of pulling off the authentic cedar look.

3. Color Fading

Consistent sun exposure tends to cause vinyl shake siding to fade. Most homes have a little bit of shade from surrounding trees and buildings, but this type of fading never occurs consistently throughout the exterior, meaning blotchy patches can be noticeable and compromise curb appeal.

4. Mildew Buildup

Vinyl siding – regardless of the style – is known for accumulating greenish mildew and grime during damp seasons. This requires routine cleaning, which can be tiresome.

5. Poor Fire Rating

Vinyl cedar shakes are relatively more flammable than other siding materials, which can cause concerns for homeowners.

6. Environmental Concerns

Vinyl is a man-made product that can emit certain fumes and toxins during the production process. The less plastic, the better for the environment – vinyl shake siding is not the most eco-friendly option.

These are just a few of the major issues associated with vinyl cedar shakes. While it may be a longer-lasting option than traditional cedar, vinyl shake is certainly not a great alternative. The good news? There is a better alternative.

Easy Solution: Fiber Cement Cedar from Allura

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Fiber cement is a modern material that can deliver a better level of long-term durability – perfect for shake siding. With reliable color consistency and surface strength, fiber cement siding is designed to withstand the elements and continue to look great with minimal effort on the part of the homeowner. It’s all thanks to the unique composition of wood fibers and cement that yield an ultra-strong product. Cracking, bending, fading – are all avoided with fiber cement shake siding.

In addition, the aesthetic quality of fiber cement cedar shake is phenomenal. Carefully crafted to imitate the look of traditional cedar, fiber cement shake has an authenticity to it that can beautify a home’s exterior and boost curb appeal instantly. Whether you prefer a rich red tone, a muted brown, or another unique color, you’ll be able to find the perfect color and style for your fiber cement cedar shakes.

Allura specializes in crafting gorgeous, long-lasting fiber cement siding products that you can use to transform your home. Contact Allura today to explore a range of cedar shake siding built from durable fiber cement and get ready to create the low-maintenance home exterior of your dreams!

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