The Top 7 Vinyl Siding Alternatives

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Though it’s commonly used on residential properties, vinyl siding comes with an abundance of cosmetic and structural issues. Eventually, most homeowners realize that it’s in their best interest to find a reliable alternative to vinyl siding – one that saves time, money, and energy in the long run.

Looking for a vinyl siding alternative that offers better value, appearance and performance? This article provides a list of seven great alternatives to vinyl siding.

Common Complaints with Vinyl Siding

Why is the search for a vinyl siding alternative so imperative? The reality is that vinyl siding tends to cause issues in even the mildest conditions and climates. A lot of that is due to the overall fragility of vinyl. Because of its plastic composition – and the fact that most vinyl siding is produced in extremely thin sheets – deterioration is common. Vinyl siding tends to be brittle, which means it can crack easily in cold temperatures and also swell or buckle in heat.

Another issue with vinyl siding is its poor aesthetic value. Not only does it require an incessant amount of upkeep and cleaning to maintain its original appearance, but its original appearance isn’t that charming to begin with. A sheen is often evident on the surface of vinyl siding, simply because of its plastic composition, which can exude a cheap look overall. Plus, color fading is common.

Finally, the environmental concerns that go hand in hand with plastic-based materials are another reason why homeowners tend to search for vinyl siding alternatives. Harmful fumes and VOCs can be released during the production process, and finding a recycling center that accepts vinyl siding fragments can be very difficult, so a lot of broken vinyl siding tends to get pitched, ending up in the landfill.

What to Look for in Vinyl Siding Alternatives


When searching for a vinyl siding alternative, there are few elements that you should look for. The first component is the material’s durability.

Compositional strength is important when it comes to knowing how long a particular siding product will last. Vinyl is considered fairly fragile, while other materials like fiber cement can provide the strength needed to withstand the elements and maintain their attractive appearance.

Yes, appearances do matter when it comes to finding a reputable alternative to vinyl siding. Aesthetic value can play a big role in determining a home’s curb appeal. It can impact home value – not to mention your own comfort level and enjoyment of your home.

Finally, it’s important to anticipate the amount of maintenance that will be needed in order to maintain the appearance of the vinyl siding alternative. While vinyl tends to require a significant amount of work – including cleaning mildew off the sides, repairing broken pieces, and applying fresh paint on faded panels – there are other alternatives that are intentionally designed to be low-maintenance.

Top 7 Vinyl Siding Alternatives

A modern material like fiber cement is ideal as an alternative to vinyl siding, because it provides the strength and longevity that homeowners are looking for, along with a low-maintenance composition.

Though there are a few other options to consider, you’ll notice that fiber cement alternatives are dominant on this list of the top seven vinyl siding alternatives:

1. Fiber Cement Lap Siding


Featuring a classic design that is extremely sought-after for residential siding, fiber cement lap is an easy choice. Lap can be used on any architectural style to give the home beautiful character and a traditional facade.

2. Fiber Cement Modern Board and Batten


Board and batten has a vertical layout that’s ideal for coastal designs, modern buildings, and exteriors inspired by traditional farmhouse decor. Vinyl siding tends to leave gaps and cracks, which can make the board and batten style challenging to pull off.

Alternative products like fiber cement board and batten simplify the installation process and create a beautiful finish with tight seams, so the structure stays protected and aesthetically pleasing year after year.

3. Fiber Cement Shake Siding


An ideal choice for cabins, bungalows, and rustic exteriors, fiber cement shake siding captures an authentic look without all the messy pieces and deterioration risks.

Produced in large panels with intentional texture and patterning, fiber cement shake is a practical solution for creating a natural aesthetic without relying on plastic.

4. Contemporary Fiber Cement Panels


Smooth fiber cement architectural panels are another great choice, as they can be used to create a contemporary aesthetic that’s long-lasting and easy to install. Some designers like to use fiber cement architectural panels in combination with other styles to emphasize certain aspects of the exterior and draw attention to the architecture in a creative way.

5. Log-Style Siding


Another way to achieve a natural-looking aesthetic without using vinyl is to choose a wood-style alternative. Log-style siding is a unique choice that’s great for rustic lodges and cabins.

6. Metal Lap Siding


While fiber cement is the preferred choice, metal can also be used to provide a stronger lap style than vinyl. Steel lap tends to be pricier than fiber cement lap, but it’s still an option to consider when shopping for vinyl siding alternatives.

7. Stucco-Style Siding Panels


In addition to smooth architectural panels, stucco-style panels can also be a great alternative to vinyl siding. Stucco-style fiber cement is unique, eye-catching, and long-lasting – unlike many traditional siding materials.

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