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What immediately comes to mind when you think about the curb appeal for your home? For many, it's the landscaping, windows, and trim. Usually, the roof itself is nothing more than an afterthought for many homeowners, but in actuality, it's something you need to think about. In terms of visible exterior, your roof is going to play a massive impact. A gorgeous roof will instantly increase your home's value and can significantly enhance curb appeal.

But it's not only the roof itself; even the type of material for the roof can play an impact. Another thing that plays a major role in color too. The color of the roof can be used to create visual effects from accentuating the roof, creating a focal point, and so much more. But what color siding goes well with weathered wood shingles? If you're wondering what type of siding pairs best with your weathered wood shingles, keep reading to find out more!

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Start by taking a good look at the home

It's fairly obvious, but you're going to first want to start by taking a good look at your home to get an idea of what would pair best. Then, of course, you'll want to consider the climate you're in and whether there is a general theme for surrounding houses, but even the landscaping (plants included) will play an impact on what will complement both the roof and siding. Remember, it's not only about what goes with the roof but also about what color siding can complement your space and make a lasting impact.

Consider the type of style you're after

Typically, a home with weathered wood shingles can give a home a more "traditional" appearance. So, when you're considering what color for siding, you're going to need to consider what style you're after for your home. Do you want something rustic, maybe siding that resembles a cottage? Are you after something elegant? Also, you'll want to look at the color of the weathered wood shingles, too, since it contains a deep brown base with undertones of gray; this should also help steer you in a direction that suits both your style and can complement the weathered wood shingles.

Neighborhood association regulations

Some neighborhoods will have associations, such as HOA. You'll need to see if there are any regulations about what colors you can and cannot have for your home's exterior.

How do you match shingles to house siding?

You'll have to be careful when doing this; you'll need to look into the nuances of the shingles themself. Weathered wood shingles are fairly versatile and have that "classic" or "traditional" appearance to them. So, you're going to want to look at the undertones of your shingles, as this is going to help you make a final decision on the siding color.

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What color siding goes well with weathered wood shingles?

When considering what color siding goes with weathered wood shingles, there is a lot to consider. While it is going to end up being the color you think looks best, it doesn't hurt to know what siding colors are out there that can complement the roof. So, here are some ideas for siding that could go well with your weathered wood shingles.


A classic color for house siding, it's easy to see why brown could work so well with weathered wood shingles. Most distressed shingles tend to be in color brown, usually a deep brown, but that color nonetheless. If you choose siding that matches the shingles, you will have that log cabin appearance or something similar. This could work especially well if you're living in a rural area, as ranch, farmhouse, and modern mountain-styled homes tend to fit these exceptional areas well.


There's something so timeless about brick siding. That rusty hue combined with the brown shades from weathered wood shingles can look divine! It's a great way to give off those country club vibes. However, if rusty red from brick siding isn't your tea, why not go for something more vibrant? A bright red siding may sound a little absurd, but it's very common in Scandinavian countries. Many rural homes in Scandinavian countries, such as Norway and Denmark, have bright red house siding accompanied by weathered wood shingles. This could be an option if you're looking for ways to give your home a unique appearance.


If you're looking for something unique and reminiscent of spring, look no further than green for your house siding. Since green is a cool color, it can easily pair up with the brown tones within your weathered roof. Plus, it will complement the earthy colors within your ward too. Since there are different shades of green, even for house siding, something such as sage green or Spanish Moss could pair beautifully without being too bold on the exterior.

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Currently, one of the most popular colors for house siding is white, and it's clear why so many homeowners opt for white. Everything goes well with white, and if you're in a Tudor-styled house, colonial, or even a Cape Cod house, white just seems to go with it greatly. Plus, white on weathered wood has this traditional appearance to it. White houses just work, and they tend to sell faster too. So, when in doubt, and you can't decide on a siding color, you can always go with white and expect it to look great!

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Just as white is a major go-to for house siding, beige is just as popular. Since it's a neutral color, it just complements weathered wood nicely. In addition, it gives the exterior of the home an inviting feeling without it looking too vintage or classic like the color white does.


Considered to be very versatile, you can't go wrong with gray. Whether you're thinking about traditional siding or faux stones, grey will look amazing with weathered wood shingles. How so? Well, there are earthy gray undertones in weather wood shingles, so the grey siding is going to match nicely without it appearing overbearing. In general, it's going to be a classic yet very modern look.

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Should your siding be the same color as your weathered wood shingles?

It will be up to you and the style you're after. Since weather wood shingles are brown, and if you opt for brown siding, then you can expect a more rustic look. It's going to resemble a log cabin. It's best to use a different color as this can help balance out the colors from your roof and the surroundings of your lawn.

Should your roof be darker or lighter than your siding?

Most homeowners who have weathered wood shingles will often choose lighter colors for their siding. Since the roof is going to be a dark color, there is some elegance behind balancing it out with a color that's lighter. In addition, you need to keep in mind about 40% of the exterior of your house comes from the roof, so it's ideal for balancing the colors out.

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What is the life expectancy of weathered wood shingles?

A lot of homeowners associate weathered wood with damage, but the two don't necessarily go hand-in-hand. For example, most weathered wood shingles last 15 to 30 years, but they can even last longer if well-maintained.

What color siding goes with weathered wood shingles?

Boosting the curb appeal for your home's exterior isn't the easiest of tasks. This is especially apparent when you're trying to figure out what works best with wooden shingles. In the end, you can't go wrong with light colors such as white, grey, or beige. Even a light green could work while still giving your house a unique appearance. Regardless of what color you choose, what matters most is that you're picking a color that will make you feel proud of the home you own.

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