11 White House with Black Shutter Design Ideas

Color is everything when it comes to creating a distinct look for your home. White siding with black shutters is a powerful – yet understated – combination that has plenty of potential. Whether you’re renovating a ranch home, multi-story lodge, colonial masterpiece or cozy cottage, you can make the black and white aesthetic sing with the right design approach.

Let’s take a look at 11 examples of how to design a house with white siding and black shutters that makes a great first impression and skyrockets curb appeal.

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White Siding, Black Shutters: Why Everyone Loves This Look

Before we explore the design ideas of white siding with black shutters, let’s take a moment to consider why this simple color combination has such immense beauty and power.

A Classic

Black and white is a classic color combo that’s absolutely iconic in many realms. From the fashion world to photography, to the most time-honored interior designs, black and white makes a statement. With exceptional contrast that serves as the alpha and omega of the color wheel, black and white is a bold choice. Other hues may come and go, but black and white is a classic choice that simply never goes out of style.

Easy to Customize

Another reason white siding with black shutters is so desirable is because this clean palette is easy to customize according to a homeowner’s unique taste. Introduce essentially any third color as an accent, and it’s an immediate winner. Black and white gives homeowners a blank slate to express their unique styles with the quick addition of a colorful door or porch decoration. Truly, it seems like anything looks good against white siding with black shutters.

Sophisticated, Yet Accessible

Black and white has another superpower: it evokes both an articulated sense of sophistication while also feeling familiar and welcoming. Regardless of the architectural style, a house with white siding and black shutters is sure to express curb appeal while feeling like a comfortable homestead.

Top 11 White Siding Houses with Black Shutters

We couldn’t limit this list to just ten! There are so many beautiful white siding houses with black shutters that deserve appreciation. This is just a small sample of some of the creativity that’s in store when working with a classic black and white color combination:

1. White Cottage with Arched Shutters

Arched shutters bring immediate charm to a small home, and make it feel like a cozy retreat. To embrace the cottage aesthetic, consider board and batten siding on the exterior, as it has eloquent charm that evokes the countryside.

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2. Matching Black Panel Door and Shutters

Solid black panels provide a distinct uniformity to any home. Matching the panel shutters and panel door is a great approach for homeowners who like coordinated designs.

3. White Siding Accents on an Off-White Stone House

Stone exteriors are common in coastal homes, lodges, and historic homes with limestone foundations. To complement an off-white stone exterior, consider adding a segment of white siding to serve as an exterior accent wall. Black shutters are perfect for marrying two different shades of white or off-white.

4. White Colonial Home with Black Shutters

Colonial homes are known for their symmetrical window and door layouts, which make bold contrasting colors even more striking. Stick with traditional lap siding and classic black shutters to complement a colonial home and elevate its historic charm.

5. White Sandstone Home with Black Shutters

White sandstone or stacked rock has an exceptional visual texture that casts beautiful shadow lines as the Sun shifts throughout the day. Simple black shutters can bring grounding definition to this exciting exterior for a more measured look.

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6. Shake and Lap Siding Combo with Black Shutters

Switching up the style of siding can be a wonderful way to create a dynamic exterior. For a multi-level home with lots of natural visual breaks, consider adding shake shingles in one area with traditional lap on other parts of the exterior.

7. Traditional Lap Siding with Black Bermuda Shutters and Black Roof

Bermuda shutters can add a tropical feel to the exterior that swings up to form a type of awning over the windows. Bermuda shutters are more common in coastal areas and they can be paired with traditional lap siding to appeal to other aesthetic styles as well.

8. Lime Washed White Brick with Black Trim

White brick can sometimes have a bumpy appearance, depending on the finish used. Black window trim and modern black shutters bring elegant definition to the appearance of the washed white brick to create gorgeous curb appeal.

9. Black Lattice Window Trim and Shutters on a White House

Lattice windows are common in modern farmhouse designs that tend to draw inspiration from traditional styles and implement them in an updated way. White siding with black shutters and lattice windows can achieve a striking contemporary feel that still has a touch of farmhouse charm.

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10. White Stucco House with Minimalist Black Window Trim

Stucco is another classic style to choose from – and it looks amazing with black shutters and window trim. The good news about stucco is that there are modern siding materials like fiber cement that recreate the appearance of traditional stucco but deliver better consistency and durability.

11. White Shake Shingles with Black Shutters

White shake shingles have a rustic feel that is accented by black shutters to express a modern style. This is another great option to consider when choosing white siding with black shutters.

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