Accentuate White House Siding with Grey Trim

There are many ways to create a beautiful and eye catching facade for your home. Numerous color combinations and siding styles can be combined to create nearly endless designs that can enhance and show off your home’s exterior at its best.

Many homes, however, tend to stay within a certain formula when choosing their siding and trim. While both siding and trim can be found or painted in a wide range of colors, many people tend to stay with either a dark siding and white trim, a light siding with white and black trim, or a white on white color scheme for siding and trim.

While these are all beautiful looks that can enhance your curb appeal, breaking this mold and considering a different trim color, such as grey, can really boost the attention your home receives. Grey trim with a white or light-colored siding can really make a home’s architecture pop, highlighting it in ways that might not have been previously done.

Why Grey Trim

With the vast majority of homes usually using a white or off white trim, breaking the mold with grey can feel like a big step. But doing so has a lot of benefits that can really enhance your home’s curb appeal and the interest that passersby or potential buyers may take in it.

Grey has been one of the hottest colors for both interior and exterior design for the last several years, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Incorporating some grey into your facade shows that your home is on trend, and keeps it looking fresh and up to date. Using the grey as a trim rather than the main siding color can be appealing to those that prefer an overall lighter tone for the home, but still want to inject some personality into the facade.

And because grey is considered a neutral, able to blend in with numerous other colors, and available in many shades, this color scheme can lend itself to many architectural styles and lets you highlight the shape of your home better than some more traditional trim colors. This is part of its widespread appeal; you can still incorporate different front door colors, landscaping, and even accents into the overall design, without upsetting the balance of white siding and grey trim. Together, they create a very neutral, yet very stylish backdrop for any other accents you may want to use on your home or in your landscaping.

Grey Trim Design Ideas

The possibilities for using white siding or light-colored siding with grey trim are nearly endless. Grey comes in numerous shades, and you can incorporate it as trim on shutters, siding trim, porches, columns, and other areas. Your siding may be bright white, slightly off white, or even have a hint of a grey undertone to it, and will still carry off the look. Take a look at these three design ideas for more inspiration.

1. Deep Grey Shutters

One way to incorporate grey into your trim is to use a dark grey shutter. The key here is that the grey tone used has a warm undertone to it. This is in direct contrast to the cool-toned siding and the white brick. Because there are so many windows on this facade, the shutters become a major accent point, driving a big part of the color scheme and the overall style and interest of the home.

2. Smokey Grey Trim

The grey trim on this white home really pops and creates a contemporary and stylish exterior. The color just at the roof line helps to show off the contrast between the roof and the siding better, while the same grey added to the front porch columns breaks up the color on the rest of the home, and highlights the front door area a little bit better. Together, the two areas of grey trim keep the facade fresh and interesting.

3. Tone on Tone Grey

Using a tone on tone color is a great way to create a very subtle look for your exterior. Rather than a bright white trim, which would have stood out in sharp contrast to the light grey siding, this slightly deeper grey still shows off the windows and doors, but does so quietly. This is the perfect way to show off the exterior of this older home, where a subtle appearance is the most classic look.

Consider Grey Trim

Grey trim is not new, and there are many architectural styles that use it along with a variety of other shades. Including it in your home’s color scheme, along with a white or light-colored exterior can help elevate the look of your exterior and enhance your curb appeal, no matter what type of architecture you have. Whether you’re looking for a subtle appearance or something more dramatic, grey can be a fantastic choice, as it has widespread appeal. Consider adding some grey trim to your home’s exterior to capture this versatile look for yourself.

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