8 White Shake Siding Home Designs

Fresh, crisp, and full of possibilities — white has long been a beloved color for home decor because of its positive ambiance and uplifting effect. It is a consistent favorite for both the inside and outside of the home. Shake siding brings added texture to this often underrated color tone, which can elevate the exterior and create a more unique appearance.

Take a look at eight different home design ideas for creating memorable looks with white cedar shake siding, and discover exactly why this trend is taking off. As you’ll see, there are many appealing variations to this simple, classic look!

Why White Shake Siding is Sweeping the Nation

The modern farmhouse craze has perfected the art of blending iconic looks with contemporary flair, bringing an elevated look to traditional forms. White cedar shake is right in line with these design values, which is why it’s having a renaissance in homes across the country. For rural structures, suburban homes, and urban buildings, designers are finding myriad ways of incorporating white cedar shake siding into the exterior. Plus, with cutting-edge building materials available, these newly renovated exteriors are much better prepared for today’s weather challenges than outdated siding products.

Build with the Best

Another reason that white shake siding is coming back in style is that this classic form can now be built with advanced techniques to provide a more durable product. Instead of using natural cedar, which can be susceptible to moisture damage, mold growth, and color fading, homeowners are opting for more reliable shake siding that is built to last longer.

For example, innovative suppliers like Allura have created white shake siding that captures the beauty of real cedar, even though it’s built with heavy-duty fiber cement. This opens a whole new world of opportunities for new homes and renovation projects. Fiber cement is extremely weather-resistant and much more durable than cedar, so it won’t have the troublesome color fading, sagging, peeling, and chipping that can often occur with real wood.

The appearance of Allura white shake siding is amazing! An authentic appearance and a stronger composition makes fiber cement the best choice for white shake siding.

Take a look at these eight attractive designs that can be achieved with fiber cement white shake siding:


1. Embrace a Blanket of Soft White Color

Designers often advise against using the same color for the siding, trim and accents on the exterior. However, with white shake cedar siding, that advice goes out the window! The shake shingle layout creates extraordinary dimension and texture throughout the structure’s exterior, making additional dimension from contrasting trim unnecessary. In fact, an all-over white palette has a certain farmhouse freshness that catches the eye of many homeowners.


2. Elevate a Gorgeous Grayscale with White Shake

Gray is another color that has seen a resurgence in recent home design trends. Grayscale exteriors typically use a variety of shades in combination with variegated stonework or smooth siding panels. Adding white shake siding can help lighten the gray tones from afar, adding a more polished and welcoming ambiance to the exterior. This gray and white combination works well with a variety of architectural styles, making it a popular choice.


3. White Shake Siding with Earth Tones

Earth tones can benefit from white cedar shake siding with a muted hue. Colors like brown, forest green, clay and beige are popular choices for exterior siding, and they all work well with off-white shake. This design choice works best when an off-white tone is selected, as pure white can sometimes appear too stark against the warm siding colors.


4. Siding Shakeup with Several Styles

Another trend that is popular with homeowners and renovation professionals is the combination of multiple types of exterior siding. Try combining board and batten siding with shake or dutch lap siding for a creative take on texture. This combination of different siding styles tends to work best with light colors.


5. Create Bold Color Contrast with White Shake Siding

If you love the look of a bold, statement-making exterior, it’s worth considering a combination like this. White shake siding brings dimension to the fairly simple architecture of a colonial-style home, while red banisters and dark black roofing and trim create a stirring color contrast.


6. A-Frame Allure with White Cedar Shake Siding

White cedar shake siding paired with A-frame design elements creates a charming effect. Reminiscent of a storybook cottage, the combination of A-frame architecture and white shake siding only gets better with the addition of natural stone features at the foundation and other artistic elements, like decorative fascia or stained glass windows.


7. White-Washed Stone with Cedar Shake

Stonework doesn’t always have to create dramatic color contrast or be limited to the foundation. For example, white-washed bricks that extend upwards to the roof pair extremely well with the rustic appeal of white cedar shake siding. Both of these elements, brick and shake, are texturized, and the soft white color brings a lightness to them, resulting in an attractive modern aesthetic.


8. Achieve Comfort with Classic Form and Accentuated Dormers

Craftsman-style residences can benefit from a multi-style approach by limiting the white cedar shake siding to the dormers and using a horizontal smooth lap for the main body of the home. This helps accentuate the architecture and draw distinction without losing the natural design qualities of the home.

Make White Shake Siding Last Longer

No matter which style homeowners choose, it’s important to keep in mind that the white shake siding products made by Allura are designed to last longer and perform better than traditional cedar shake. Made from fiber cement, Allura’s white shake siding captures the beauty of natural wood while delivering enhanced durability and protection for the home. Check out Allura siding before your next build.

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