12 Inspiring White Siding House Designs

Homes with white siding continue to captivate with modern curb appeal that can be tailored to beautify the natural character of the home. Texture, tone, and coordinating colors can all play a role in designing a home with white siding that looks refreshed and energized.

The stylistic range of white siding is pretty impressive! Learn more about the white siding house aesthetic and find your next favorite exterior style.

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Why Homes with White Siding Have Serious Staying Power

White home siding is particularly versatile – it can create a familiar, nostalgic feel or a contemporary tone that’s fresh and daring. Paired with the right embellishments, white house siding can actually create a balance between these two emotional responses, which makes it a powerful exterior choice with plenty of design potential.

White siding homes have stood the test of time in terms of achieving an elegant appearance that never goes out of style. Farmhouse, colonial, contemporary, bungalow, Greek revival – white siding can be used to hit all these marks and more. Plus, with material innovation upgrading the durability and strength of modern white siding, these exterior styles are easy to maintain and easy to enjoy.

12 White House Siding Ideas You’ll Love

Not sure where to start? Take a look at these white siding ideas to see the range of timeless exterior styles:

1. Colonial White Siding

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Vertical white siding panels – referred to as a board and batten – elevate the visual impact of this colonial-style residence, and guide the eye up towards the pointed dormers to make the entire structure feel lifted. Period-inspired fixtures, including brass porch lights and exterior lanterns, reflect the colonial aesthetic. Notice how the white lap provides a visual break to distinguish between the home and garage

2. White Shake Siding

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Modern shake siding is designed to have all the charm of classic cedar – but without all the headaches. Clean, crisp, and easy to maintain, white shake siding crafted from fiber cement is an easy choice for embracing a traditional style with a contemporary twist. A barn-style sconce hangs above each garage door to reflect the farmhouse inspiration.

3. Stately Color Contrast

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A dark gray roof serves up strong color contrast with the crisp white siding, to give this home a stately look that appears refined. Traditional stylistic features, like the cathedral arch windows in the dormers and white porch columns, add extra elegance and sophistication to the facade.

4. Off-White Neutrals

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Trim can change the entire appearance of white house siding! This home reflects a fully neutral palette, with beige and taupe colors framing the siding, so it appears to be a softer shade of white. The highlighted roofing balances particularly well with the beige brickwork along the foundation, to create a cohesive style that feels overwhelmingly rich and welcoming.

5. Modern Black and White Exterior

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Black trim can make white siding exteriors pop in a way that feels exciting and modern. This home leans into the black and white color combo to create a contemporary exterior. The key to strong designs like these is to have an anchor that serves as a focal point – here, the bright red door adds a pop of color to attract attention and tie the two-tone palette together.

6. Minimalist Style

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Homeowners who prefer a clean and streamlined look will appreciate the serenity of this white house exterior! Crisp white lap sits above a simple white foundation with very little ornamentation. Dark gray roofing adds a pronounced look to the exterior to keep it chic.

7. Cool Blue Trim

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White siding serves as a base for light gray and cool blue tones to create a calm appearance for this modern suburban residence. Notice how the dark gray trim appears in several places – garage door, tapered porch columns, window trim, roofline fascia. Keeping consistency is key.

8. Lap with Dark Blue Trim

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This white home uses blue in another way. By leaning into a darker tone that has a smokey appearance, this home has a more mature aesthetic that reflects its classic colonial architecture. Dark blue shutters, trim, fascia, and porch columns are anchored by the backyard extension, which features the same color – a beautiful contrast with the traditional white siding.

9. Dynamic Exterior with Blue Trim

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A wider panel selection of white lap house siding gives a pronounced look to this exterior that provides distinct charm. Notice how the middle section on the second floor features white shake to switch up the texture and call attention to the unique architectural features of the home. Dark blue trim, garage doors, and shutters balance well with the white siding and white window grids.

10. Natural Aesthetic with Neutral Palette

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A combination of white shake, white lap, olive green doors, and beige trim brings out a natural feel for this modern, multi-level bungalow. The dynamic exterior has loads of character, which gives it a welcoming appearance.

11. Farmhouse Red Trim

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Red and white exteriors are iconic when it comes to the farmhouse aesthetic. This particular combination expresses a modern approach, with bold red siding panels calling attention to the dormers, and white stone bases adding intrigue to the porch columns.

12. Light and Bright Exterior

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A crisp combination of siding styles – board and batten with lap – deepens the character of this home, for a crisp and refreshing modern feel with refined embellishments, like the white stone foundation and simple white columns.

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