Why Home Builders Should Maintain a Strong Presence with Realtors

As a builder, you need to wear a lot of hats to handle all of your responsibilities. In addition to simply building homes, you also need to seek out buyers, manage contracts, and juggle a lot of administrative duties. But are you also keeping a strong presence with local Realtors? While it may seem like just one more thing to do, maintaining a relationship with Realtors in your area can pay off in numerous ways.

Growing Your Business

The building industry fluctuates nearly as much as the housing industry does. One day, people are looking for newly built homes, the next homeowners have decided to stay put and want you to build an addition on to their current house. This can make growing your business the way that you want a little more challenging than during times when the market is holding steady.

One thing remains constant, however, whether you’re building new homes or you’re working for homeowners who want to add on; you need to attract new clients to keep your business growing. While it is possible to build on spec, and many builders choose to do this, you still need to sell the house once it’s complete in order to make money.

You’re great at your job, and you may have a portfolio of beautiful houses to share, but are you effectively reaching the types of clients that will help you be successful in the long term?

What Realtors Can Do for You

Obviously if you’re building on spec, you’ll want to list your home with a local Realtor to sell in a timely way once it’s done. But if this is all you’re using your local Realty connections for, you’re missing out on a number of different ways that you could be growing your business.

A Realtor that is familiar with you and your work can help you find more clients, not just for those houses that you’ve already built, but for the houses and additions you have yet to build as well. That’s because Realtors in the process of selling a plot of land or a home that is too small for a family’s needs are able to work with buyers to help them see possibilities for the space. This includes hiring a builder to help make their home dreams come true.

If you have a strong presence with local Realtors, you’re more likely to be mentioned as the person to contact when those new buyers need someone to build or renovate their new home. Best of all, you’ll be able to actively go after new business, without having to take the time away from your other pursuits. Realtors will put your name forward; all you have to do is answer the phone when the time comes.

Connecting with Realtors

Remember that it’s not enough to simply get in touch with local Realtors; you have to make sure that you maintain those connections as well. This means staying in contact and keeping your current achievements in their line of sight.

Whenever you update your portfolio, make sure to give a copy to local Realtors as well. By having a copy of your work on hand, it puts them in the position to back up their claims with images – a powerful motivator for many people who need visual aids to help make their decisions.

Whenever you update your credentials, be sure to let local Realtors know this as well. For example, if you have the ability to offer extended manufacturer’s warranties, or if you or your crew have undertaken new certifications, Realtors can help get the word out for you. When they have a potential land buyer who is looking for new construction or land on which to build, having your information right at hand can help the Realtor close the deal by explaining the benefits of your properties. This benefits you both, and helps you continue to grow your business without large amounts of marketing or administrative work that takes you away from what it is you do best.

Stay in Touch

Having good credentials and a beautiful portfolio will only help you so far. You need to maintain your presence with local Realtors at all times to help ensure that you continue to reap the benefits of this relationship. Don’t simply drop off marketing materials and disappear; you need to prove your reliability by being available to answer questions, meeting with potential home buyers, and updating your portfolio on a regular basis. This strong presence with your local Realtors will help ensure that they keep you in mind the next time they have a client who could benefit from your services.

Strong Presence, Strong Rewards

By maintaining a strong presence with local Realtors, you’re helping to grow your business effectively and efficiently, reaching potential clients you may have otherwise missed. Start cultivating a relationship with the Realty offices in your area to help ensure continued business opportunities and growth.

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