Allura Color Spotlight: Get a Soft Yellow House Siding with Caramelized Pears

Neutral house colors are nearly universal in their appeal to homeowners. But sometimes, what you really want is an option that’s close to neutral, with a hint of color and some personality all its own. That’s what the soft yellow color of Caramelized Pears from Allura fiber cement brings you.

This earthy, light colored siding has just a hint of yellow, warming and brightening the home, without the bright tones that most people associate with the color yellow. If you want a neutral siding, that has a little more depth and character than the average beige, take a close look at Caramelized Pears.

Universal Appeal

Light, earthy colors like Caramelized Pears have a universal appeal. Colors like this are neutral enough to work on nearly any architectural style and in any setting. But, with just a hint of soft yellow under the neutral, this color also appeals to anyone who really prefers a true color on their home, but doesn’t want to go bold or dark to achieve their goal.

This expands the appeal of this color to not only people that want earthy, light tones and people who like color. Depending on the trim, roof color, and light, Caramelized Pears can take on several different hues, which expands its appeal even more.

Trim Colors

Colors like Caramelized Pears also work well with a variety of trim. Because this color is warm and light, it’s possible to combine it with several shades to get both subtle and dramatic effects.

By pairing Caramelized Pears with warm colored trims, you help unify the home, and provide a slightly more traditional appearance. Make that warm-colored trim dark in shade, and you get a much more dynamic appearance, without the sharp contrast of more modern buildings.

However, it’s also possible to use this shade with a crisp, white trim to make the architecture of the building really pop. Or, one could create a more dramatic appearance by contrasting the siding with a very cool-toned trim. A dark, cool tone would vibrate slightly against the warmer color of the siding, which would make for a more contemporary and eye-catching facade.

This color would also work well with a wide range of roof colors. A warm toned roof in red, beige, or brown would bring out the warm, yellow undertones of the siding. A black roof would provide contrast, while a green-toned roof would add contrast along with some brightness that could be used to good advantage in many settings.

Architectural Enhancement

Light colors like Caramelized Pear are ideal for a wide range of architectural styles. Because the color is so light, it can be used over the entirety of the home; the shape of the siding and the trim can be what picks out the different architectural accents.

For example, by changing the siding from horizontal lap to irregular shingles, you can get entirely different looks over the surface of the home. Because the Caramelized Pears covers the entire surface, it unifies the areas, and lets them stand out in a subtle way. This is because the color has that warm, yellow undertone that subtly shifts with the shape of the siding. Depending on the architectural style of your home, and the siding you choose, Caramelized Pears can be used to create a range of different effects from contemporary to traditional.

Keep in mind that the color is slightly too bright for some older styles of architecture, which rely on a more somber hue to look their best. But for homes that do best with earthy tones, including Craftsmans and ranches, Caramelized Pears would be an ideal shade.

Regional Appeal

Because Caramelized Pears is fairly neutral and light, it will work well in most regions. Areas like New England the midwest, that put more emphasis on neutral and light colors will particularly embrace this shade. Areas that like warmer tones, such as the Southwest, will also do well with this color, particularly if it’s paired with a warmer colored trim.

While the color is lighter than the most popular shades in the south, pairing it with a dark trim would make it appeal to many people there as well. This would work particularly well on traditional-style architecture, which tends to do better with lighter colors in general.

Consider Caramelized Pears

If you like light, warm colors that border on neutral, consider Caramelized Pears from Allura for your home. This versatile color works well on a variety of architectural styles and with a wide range of trim and roof colors. It will appeal to those who like true neutrals and those who like a hint of color on their homes. If you’re looking for a siding color that will bridge that important gap to gain appeal in nearly any setting, consider Caramelized Pears for your home.

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