Allura Spectrum™ featuring a curated collection of Sherwin-Williams colors

Color preferences are shifting and Allura Spectrum has you prepared. In collaboration with Sherwin-Williams, we've created a curated collection of colors for all our Spectrum products to suit your customers' evolving tastes. The stayed colors of the past are being left behind in favor of a bolder, future forward look. With a broad palette of 25 colors, we help you create homes with relevant, aesthetic color design styling maximizing appeal.

While exterior colors change less frequently than interior color preferences, there is a definite move happening. The traditional go-to bright whites are transitioning to more vibrancy, richness, and saturation in warmer, earth tone neutrals.

"Our product development research reveals, without a doubt, that bigger color is coming. Neutrals are turning warmer, and saturation is strong in colors, especially on the blue hues," says Lauren West Director of the Sherwin-Williams Industrial Wood DesignHouse. "The colors of Naval (SW 6244) and Gale Force SW (7605) are excellent examples."
Naval (SW 6244)
Downing Slate (SW 2819)
Gray Clouds (SW 7658)
Gale Force (SW 7605)
Agreeable Gray (SW 7029)
Pewter Tankard (SW 0023)
Naval Swatch Naval Swatch

Black is a statement maker - and customers want to make them. It's not just the whites and blues moving to new expressions. Lauren West highlights a previously unused palette - monochromatic black for facades.

"Black exteriors are so different from what has been done in the past. Their defining look is connection with people ready for a fresh design. From traditional, to transitional to modern - black is in. Dark, saturated hues lend a sophistication to any exterior façade."

The Allura Spectrum palette includes Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black, Iron Ore, Urbane Bronze and Peppercorn, with complementary colors for each, enabling you to easily recommend a modern palette to your customers.

"These colors pair exquisitely with the tonality of a home's natural landscape. If you don't want to commit to painting your whole exterior a dark color, these hues are also great for a front door or shutters, as they make for a very sophisticated focal point," West says.

Performance Second to None

You can't buy a better fiber cement. Allura Spectrum siding, soffits and trim help you outperform in any neighborhood.

  • Precision paint application
  • Factory-controlled environment
  • Shortens work schedule
  • Offers competitive advantage
  • 15-year limited paint warranty*
  • 30-year limited siding warranty*
  • 15-year limited trim warranty*

*All warranties provided by Allura

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