As craftsmen who understand how talent and skill can bring about vast improvements, remodelers have a special appreciation for the before-and-after experience of working with Allura. Getting a full line of beautiful, durable products, unsurpassed backing and a true partner working for your success is a difference you’ll notice right away. DISCOVER OUR PRODUCTS
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What matters to you as a remodeler

Affordable Affordable products that will help you keep your project within your budget. We’ll help you find what best fits your needs.
Beautiful We carefully design all of our products to look beautiful no matter where you use them.
Long-Lasting Allura products are built to last a decade without even breaking a sweat.
Strong Everything made by Allura is built solid like a rock. The elements don’t stand a chance.
Custom We’ll help you choose the best product to fit your project and be with you through the process.

Resources useful to you

Here are some resources for you as a remodeler
Underlayment and Backerboard Installation Instructions
  • Backerboard
  • Install Guide
Backerboard Brochure
  • Backerboard
  • Panels
  • Product Brochure
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Long-lasting, high quality, beautiful. When designing your client’s home you’ll be looking not only for the best-looking products but also the most durable. Check out these beautiful homes with Allura all over them.

Products or partners?

Allura customers don’t have to choose.

From a longevity standpoint it has to be the best product out there!
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Some product recommendations for you Here are some products we with think you might find useful on your next remodel project.

Feel the durability. See the beauty.

Experience the Allura difference first-hand.

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