A State-of-the-Art Process that Delivers a Spectrum of Benefits

Say Good-Bye to job delays. With pre-painted, complete projects faster and never again worry about scheduling around the weather.
Twice the durability of on-site painting without all the call-backs. Thicker, more uniform, flawless finish that comes with its own 15-year warranty.
Trend-ready colors for you to differentiate your project with Colors hand-picked by industry color experts and made to combine with one another.
Desert Tan
Savannah Wicker
Caramelized Pears
Sterling Gray
Natural Clay
Granite Gray
Rock Cliffs
Gray Heron
Red Rock Falls
Cool Charcoal
Pacific Blue
Plunge Pool
Sable Brown
Knight's Armor
Autumn Red

Let Spectrum Color System Make the Material Difference for You

Spectrum is not your run-of-the-mill retail paint. Spectrum paint is formulated for fiber cement application using natural color pigments that are ground up to create a monochromatic base. Unlike retail paint, where the color is mixed in, Spectrum’s mono-base is the color. That means you can expect durability, coverage, stability, and resistance to fading backed by a 15-year warranty, something no painter or retail paint will do.

And all of this is on top of our very durable, specially formulated primer, something other siding manufacturers do not apply before painting. Let us work with you and your design team to help pick the right color for the job. Spectrum colors will not only give the extra enhancement to the architecture and design of your projects, but our factory-finished flawless coat will also help accentuate the quality of your craftsmanship for a difference your customers can see.

3 Lap Cedar 5654
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The Best Product, For the Best Builders

You Don’t Have Time for Weather to Stop You

It’s true - you don’t have time. You are already dealing with material shortages, permit delays, and other unforeseen building issues. Why add more headache and delay when you don’t have to?

Read the back of a paint can, and you’ll be shocked. Whether you're building in the rainy Pacific Northwest, temperate Southern California, the hot and humid Sunbelt states, or during the four seasons of the Midwest and Northeast, you’ll have to contend with the following:

1. Rain

  • Paint should only be applied to clean, dry surfaces. It’s recommended to wait a full day after a rain to paint.
  • If you’re trying to squeeze in painting before a rain, remember, a coat of latex paint needs at least four hours to dry.

2. Outside Temperature

  • To create a durable film, the air temperature cannot be above 90 degrees, and the board surface temperature cannot be below 3 degrees.
  • In fact, you can’t even paint if the surface temperature is going to drop below 35 degrees within 48hours of painting.

3. Humidity

  • Manufacturers of retail paint recommend painting when the relative humidity is between 40-60%.
  • Unless you’re in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, or Utah where the average annual humidity level falls in this range, painters will likely break the humidity rule, go against coating manufacturer recommendations, and leaving you to hope for the best.
  • And average annual humidity doesn’t take into account the actual humidity on the day of painting.

You Don’t Have Time for Call Backs

Tree pollen, leaves, dust, bugs, and other airborne debris always find their way to sticky, freshly painted surfaces. This isn’t disastrous, of course. But your customers may be expecting a finish that’s as pristine as one that’s applied and dried inside a state-of-the-art Allura facility.

Also keep in mind that windspeed can play a factor, which means if the paint is being applied on-site with a spray gun, more paint could end up on the neighbor’s car than on the wall.

You Deserve the Best, And So Do Your Customers

A Thicker, More Uniform Application

It’s humanly impossible to apply paint on a vertical surface in outdoor conditions with the same consistency and control you’ll achieve in a cutting-edge painting facility. When working out in the elements, applying a perfectly uniform coating across every board is highly unlikely. In a controlled factory setting, paint is applied with a DFT (Dried Film Thickness) target of 1.9 mils. For a field-applied paint, a DFT of 1.5 mils would be considered normal. (Not that anyone on a job site measures it like we are in the factory, but the point is an important one.) Pre-painted siding not only has a more consistent application of paint, but the coating is also 26% thicker.

Better Coverage, Better Protection

When paint goes on siding that’s already installed, only the exposed surfaces get painted. With installed lap that means the hidden 1.5” horizontal run (the recommended overlap for installation) of each board's face has zero paint. When you get pre-painted siding, it’s completely coated on 5 sides entirely (front, top, bottom, and each end), all with the same uniform coat. This means more complete coverage and durability with increased protection against the element.

Twice the Durability for Your Customers

This is a biggie. An on-site paint application simply cannot deliver the same durability as a factory-applied finish, some of which are guaranteed as long as 15 years! That’s up to twice the durability of an on-site application. In an expensive labor market like Seattle, the cost of repainting so much sooner can more than negate any savings you thought you’d enjoy.

Out-designing the Competition. With a variety of size, textures, and over 30 colors and stains to choose from to make your home eye-catching curb appeal.

Feel the durability. See the beauty.

Experience the Allura difference first-hand.

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