6 Ways to Generate More Leads From Your Siding Installer Website

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Home improvement was once an industry that mostly relied on word-of-mouth and the phone book. Today, most consumers do their research online before calling a contractor. Having a well-designed website is the first step to getting yourself in front of homeowners who need new siding. To really get the most out of your digital marketing endeavors, your website also has to be optimized for lead generation.

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Read on to learn about six ways to generate more leads from your siding installer website:

1. Place a Contact Form Above the Fold

Make sure the best-performing pages on your website include a contact form above the fold. (Above the fold refers to the top area of a webpage that can be seen before scrolling down.) Asking for information like name, phone number, email, and zip code gives you the ability to follow up later with each individual interested in your siding installation services. Collecting this information is also incredibly useful for segmenting prospective customers, improving your digital marketing efforts.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You’re probably familiar with the importance of basic SEO to push you up in the Google rankings and drive traffic to your business website. When executed creatively, SEO can also improve lead generation on your site.


For example, be sure to find opportunities for free local business listings and fill them out with your complete information. Examples of local business listings are profiles on Yelp, Facebook Business, HomeAdvisor, Houzz, Porch, Angie’s List, etc. And don’t forget Google My Business. This not only helps your SEO as Google indexes these, but it also helps drive homeowners looking for siding contractors to your site.

3. Offer Downloadable Content

Seasoned digital marketers know that you can get value by offering value. For example, you can offer downloadable content in a PDF format targeted to a specific segment’s interests. A simple product brochure containing educational and practical information about home siding, the durability of materials, and exterior home design trends can inspire website visitors to offer their contact information in exchange for the download. Offering valuable, helpful materials can go a long way to connecting you with your audience.

4. Create an Email Signup

Placing a field on website pages like blog posts and at the bottom of your product pages can help grow your email list by prompting users to enter their email address for more information. A quality email list allows you to conduct email marketing, continually engage prospective customers, and drive even more traffic to your website pages. It will also keep you top-of-mind for those who have been to your website a few times but have yet to make a purchase decision. Finally, keep remarketing to users who haven’t converted.

5. Offer a Free Siding Quote

As mentioned earlier, offer value to get value. Offering a “Free Quote” or “In-home Consultation” gets your foot in the door with prospective clients who have questions and need more information before deciding to hire a siding installer. A “Request a Free Quote” button above the fold in bold letters and an eye-catching color prompts website visitors to fill out a contact form to hear from you.

Get a conversation started and begin answering their questions. Not only will it demonstrate your expertise and professionalism, but it also shows that you offer a high level of customer service and that you care about your clients.

6. Make Sure Your Business Shows up in your Manufacturers Dealer Locator Page

Communication is key. Talk with the company potentially selling your product, and make sure that your business shows up on the manufacturer’s dealer locator page. Sometimes retail companies will exclude this information as a means to monopolize the sales of a product. If you communicate with the companies selling your product and make sure consumers know where to get it, this could lead to a lot more potential business.

Another way to communicate with the companies to get your products in the hands of more consumers is through dealer locator software. When you choose to utilize this type of service, it’s critical that all of your information is accurate and up to date. You don’t want to misguide anyone or have potential clients wasting their time with inaccurate information. It will make you look bad, and it will frustrate potential clients.

By incorporating this software, you are allowing more consumers to come directly to the source of production.

Optimize Your Site, Grow Your Business

As you experiment, you may find that a few, a combination of, or all of these tactics drive more leads from your website. Always be sure to track everything so you know which tactics work the best for you and drive the most lead generation for your business. With time, you will find that honing your lead generation strategy will result in more clients for your sliding installation service.

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