9 Facebook Marketing Tips for Siding Installers

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With 2.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook is still one of the biggest social media platforms today to generate local business. Are you doing everything you can to generate new business and engage with your followers on this social media giant?

Here are 9 Facebook marketing tips for siding installers to drum up new business and sell yourself effectively:

1. Encourage users to engage with you

Engagement happens on Facebook in the form of comments on posts, likes/reactions, and shares. To encourage users to engage with you and your Facebook business page, ask engaging questions.

For example, you can build a post with photos of past siding installation projects. Even better, post photos of different homes that feature different types of siding. Caption the photos with a question like, “Which siding do you like the most?” A question like this encourages users to comment on your post and share their opinions.

2. Timing your Facebook posts

Timing is essential on social media platforms. The best practice is to post at a time when your audience is more likely to be online and interacting with others. So a time like Monday morning, when most people are going into the office, is not the best time to publish.

Go to your Facebook posts and then click on the Insights tab. On the left-hand side, navigate to Posts. You’ll see a tab at the top of the page titled “When Your Fans Are Online.” You will see a graph illustrating the most popular times of day for your fans. You can also click on a specific day of the week. You may notice that your fans are much more active during specific times of day (when the data points on the graph are high) and much less active at other times (data points on the graph that are low).

Choose the most popular times of day for your fans and schedule your posts for those times.

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3. Use a Facebook messenger bot for your business page

Most likely, you are familiar with chatbots on websites. You may even have one on your siding installer website. By 2021, most customers will be familiar with them and have probably used them before on social media platforms like Facebook business pages.

The chatbot pops up as a chatbox at the bottom of a Facebook business page and acts as an automated messaging feature. Users are more likely these days to open Facebook messenger than email marketing. Make it even easier for potential clients by including CTA buttons in the messenger chatbox. It’s much easier to click on a common question than it is to type it out.

Not only does Facebook messenger generate leads, but it also saves you time by immediately answering frequently asked questions. In other words, Facebook messenger is a must-have for companies trying to provide the best customer service possible, since most customers are not likely to pick up the phone in today’s world.

4. Use amazing visuals and videos

It gets more difficult every day to hold the attention of users on social media. To stand out among the crowd, it’s important to set yourself apart by using visuals and videos that entice users to click. Visuals are more impactful and engaging than text alone.

Visuals really do well in the home improvement space. Rather than just tell new users about your siding installation services, show them past projects, share before and after pictures, and edit together videos of striking installations. Use the caption space to educate your audience about siding materials and how much siding can change a home’s look.

5. Run Facebook Ads to extend your reach

Extend your reach and generate leads with Facebook Ads. You can go into Facebook Ad Manager, create Custom Audiences, and retarget users who have previously engaged with your content. You can retarget audiences rather than just targeting cold audiences. For example, say one of your Facebook videos has a good amount of engagement. Retarget users who watched the video with an ad offering them value, like a free siding quote or 20% off your siding installation. You know that the audience is relevant because they watched your video, and you can set the audience to those who watched at least 50%, or even 75%, of your video.

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6. Use testimonials to your advantage

Most online shoppers look to testimonials and reviews before making a purchase decision. Testimonials and customer reviews act as social proof that you provide quality workmanship and customer service to potential clients looking for a siding installer.

In addition to written reviews from your previous customers on your website or on your Facebook business page, you can try running a testimonial ad on Facebook. Featuring a positive review from real customers who are happy with your work on their home and their siding can go a long way with prospective clients and lead to more conversions from your ads. Simply use reviews from your website, your Facebook business page, or other review platforms like Yelp and include them in your Facebook ad.

Take it one step further by using videos of customer testimonials in your ads. Seeing another customer who is satisfied with the work on their home builds trust in people who are looking to update the siding on their own homes.

Be sure to use the tools on Facebook that allow you to measure the engagement with your ads. Use the insights to make changes to your ad and optimize your conversions.

7. Rotate ads to avoid fatiguing your customers

More than ever, today’s customers are sensitive to advertising and prefer organic content. Ad fatigue is real and happens when users see the same ad again and again in their newsfeeds. After a while, they’re just going to ignore it. Rotating out ads and keeping things fresh helps avoid boring your audience. Improve the relevance score and cost-per-action for your Facebook ads by rotating your ads. Creative copy and headlines are all places where you can mix things up.

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8. Use a call to action

Always use a call to action in your ads or in your Facebook posts. Also known as CTA, a call to action urges users viewing your ad or reading your content towards a specific action like “Learn More,” “Sign Up,” or “Buy Now.” A compelling CTA can make a big difference when it comes to click-through rates as well. Be sure to use thoughtful CTAs in your Facebook content.

9. Boost posts to make the most of ads

Boosting a post on Facebook takes a post on your page and turns it into an ad. Take a post that is already succeeding and get even more engagement. You can even potentially reach new people who aren’t your followers.

To boost a post, find the post on your page, and click on “Boost Post” in the bottom-right corner. Provide all of the details like an audience, total budget, duration, and payment method. Then click on Boost.

You can also view “Your 5 Most Recent Posts.” Just go to your Facebook business page, click on Insights on the left-hand side, and scroll down until you see your 5 most recent posts. Click “See All Posts” to see more. There you’ll find recent posts, see how much engagement they’re getting, and you can decide if you want to try boosting one.

Use Facebook Effectively to Grow your Siding Business

As you practice using Facebook to market your siding installation services, you’ll learn how you can tweak your efforts to produce the best engagement and return. You’ll be glad once you begin generating leads and signing up new siding clients through your Facebook page.

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