Builder Spotlight: Infinity Homes

When choosing a home design, homeowners want the comfort of knowing that the materials that go into the construction are of the highest quality and backed by unbeatable warranties and workmanship, especially when it comes to the exterior. The siding needs to be resilient in many different weather conditions, affordable, and trustworthy.

It needs to look great, too.

That’s why home building companies like Infinity Homes choose fiber cement siding when building their clients’ homes. Its durability, sustainability, and longevity are second to none, and when purchased from Allura, it’s backed by an extensive warranty that builders and homeowners trust.

Infinity Homes

Allura is proud to be partnered with Infinity Homes and its team of experts with over a century of combined experience. Based out of New Albany, Indiana, Infinity Homes builds residential homes in the Midwest United States.

Infinity Homes works with homeowners ranging from first-time buyers to move-up buyers to those looking for their forever home. We had the happy opportunity to chat with Bradley Jones, Director of Purchasing and Estimating at Infinity Homes, who trusts Allura fiber cement siding for all his residential development projects, and ultimately, for his future homeowners.

Homeowners worry about having to replace materials due to poor quality or malfunctions, a worry that’s always in the back of their customers’ minds. Infinity Homes understands this and works to make homeowners feel secure about the most significant investment of their life.

“We like to think that we’re that builder that comes in and gives you the value and the finishes that go along with some of the higher-end homes,” Jones says. “We don’t skimp on our base-house features.”

They also understand that their customers are savvy, well-researched, and know what they’re looking for.

With information so readily available at their fingertips, customers are more knowledgeable than ever. “I’ve noticed over the last 20 years that the questions we’re getting are more detailed and better from buyers,” says Jones. This, Jones says, is because of access to information that never was readily available before. With internet access, forums and social media, potential buyers start their home-shopping process with a plethora of information ready at hand.

Infinity Homes is proud of the materials they use in their homes — a feeling they like to pass along to their customers. And Infinity Builders is ready to answer all questions. They are the builder that sets their customers’ minds at ease.

Only the Best Materials

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Infinity Homes is proud to be the 2018, 2019, and 2020 Builder of the Louisville St. Jude Dream Home. One of the reasons they keep winning is because they build homes with the best finishing touches. Plus, they keep their finger on the latest trends and timeless looks and know how to combine the two for a look that stuns.

Details like choosing the perfect color palette and offering all information regarding the brand, quality, warranties, and sustainability for all their materials are what Infinity prides itself on—that and giving the customer a great home right out of the gate!

Among the beautiful and quality finishes, Infinity Homes relies on fiber cement siding from Allura for their homes because it’s both safe and sustainable. Allura fiber cement is a Class A fire-rated material, making it great for wildfire-prone regions, as it doesn’t ignite or melt under direct flame or heat.

Listening to Their Customers

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Infinity Homes puts its customers above all else and is eager to answer any questions and ease any concerns. One of the biggest questions customers ask is the integrity of the warranty.

Infinity Homes uses only the best finishes, among them being Allura fiber cement, and they stand by the quality of their work. Warranty is very important to Jones and Infinity Homes. “We’re sticklers for our warranty,” Jones says. “We talk about warranties until we’re blue in the face.”

The second most popular question he’s asked is, “What can I expect out of my home over the next year?” For Jones, this is one of the most important questions. Over the first year, the home will experience some settling and drying out. That’s just another reason why Infinity Homes is particular about the finishes going into their homes.

“You have to set that expectation upfront. I think buyers appreciate the honesty when you give them proper expectations,” Jones says.

With a 50-year warranty on Allura’s fiber cement siding products, Infinity Homes is confident in assuring customers that their siding will last a lifetime. Jones lives by a philosophy of thoroughly answering any material questions and setting expectations upfront.

Style Like No Other

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Infinity Homes knows that homeowners aren’t so much interested in size as they are style anymore. They want flexible, open spaces, luxurious kitchens, and accessible and innovative storage. They want every square foot of their home put to good use. In short, no matter how long they plan to live there, they still want it to be a dream home.

Infinity Homes keeps on top of the latest styles and lasting traditional looks. “Craftsman seems to be the style that’s really coming out of the gate, and it’s been strong,” Jones says. Along with the craftsman trim packages that have been strong for a while now, Jones says he’s noticed many more blues and grays featured both inside and outside the home.

Paired with the craftsman style’s timeless and classic look, homeowners are looking for simple, clean, and modern interiors. But, as Jones noted, customers are more informed than ever, and knowing there’s plenty of options for them to choose from is crucial in keeping customers happy.

Knowing that they’re building a home that families will make memories and grow up in is something that Bradley Jones and Infinity Homes hold at the core of their work. “You don’t build houses; you build communities,” Jones says.

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