11 Email Marketing Tips for Siding Installers

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In the digital landscape, email is a powerful form of communication. Email marketing is one of many forms of digital marketing and one way in which businesses gain credibility and trust with prospective customers. Today’s customers are becoming more comfortable doing online research to find professionals to work on their homes. You may be used to paper forms of marketing like direct mail, but you can duplicate your efforts in a digital format.

Email Marketing Tips for Siding Installers

Read on to learn 11 tips to get you started with email marketing for siding installers:

Siding email marketing

1. Make a Good First Impression

This email marketing company says: "first impressions are everything, and when it comes to email, the subject line and sender name say it all". The first thing a person sees when they go through their email inbox is the sender name and the subject line of each message. Some argue that “noreply” in a sender name communicates that you’re unapproachable. So having a fun or catchy sender name can make a big difference. As for the subject line, test out different words, word counts, and emojis in your subject lines to see what drives open rates and what is of most interest to those on your email list.

2. Timing

Base the timing of certain emails with a lead in the sales funnel. Always be sure to send welcome emails to new leads who have been added to the list, and don’t come on too strong when new website visitors are just getting to know you. Additionally, don’t send too few or too many emails to prospective customers and consider that emails sent at certain times of day usually have more successful open rates.

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3. Leverage the Potential of an Affordable Option

In comparison to other marketing options out there, email marketing is affordable and studies support that email marketing has a high ROI. Testing out a low-cost option and seeing if it’s right for your marketing as a siding expert may be worth it.

4. Segment Out Your List and Personalize Your Emails

One of the biggest reasons email marketing can be so effective is the opportunity to segment out your email list and personalize your emails. Segmenting your list, personalizing your messages and being careful about timing (like discussed above) will go a long way. Examples of different ways to segment your email list into different groups include demographics, website pages they visited, how recent it’s been since they opened an email from you, etc.

5. Make it Easy to Find Your Email Newsletter

When you first start out with email marketing, you will need to grow your own organic list for the best results. If website visitors can’t find your email newsletter signup, then your list growth will suffer. It’s recommended that the prompt to opt into your email list should be easy to find across your website. Consider adding it to important website pages like your homepage and blog posts. One best practice is to create a landing page just for newsletter signup.

6. Speed up Growth

If you want to speed up the process of growing your email list, then you may want to consider testing out some advertising options to boost it. Ads on Google and social media can go a long way, especially if you offer a lead magnet like a free downloadable in exchange for signing up for your newsletter.

7. Communicate What Makes you Unique

With all the home remodeling professionals in the world, why should potential prospects hire you for siding installation? Let your emails do the talking. What do you offer that no one else does? Think about how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors in areas like product expertise, warranty options and services like free in-home consultations.

8. Your Website Needs to Make a Good Impression

If you direct leads from an email to your website, then you want to be sure to make a good impression with your website as well. Even if your emails are on point, you don’t want to lose someone in the sales funnel because your website loads too slowly, is difficult to navigate or is out of date.

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9. Email Updates to Your Audience so They Don’t Miss Them on Social Media

Posting about your siding installation services on social media is a great way to connect with prospective clients, but some social media followers may never see some of your posts as they can get buried in users’ homefeeds. If you’re only sharing your website and blog via social media, then some of your prospective customers who have been visiting your website and are interested in learning more about siding installation may not see your posts, whereas an email message is directly delivered to the owner’s inbox.

10. Duplicate your direct mail messaging and efforts

When it comes to marketing and spreading awareness, email is the new mailer (a commonplace form of direct mail). Word-of-mouth and awareness are extremely important in home remodeling and construction options. Why not translate your direct mail techniques to email marketing and test your efforts by sending out coupons to new neighbors?

11. Find the Right Email Marketing Tool for Your Siding Installation Business

Email marketing tools have evolved over the years. Now, trying out automated tools with scheduling options, analytics, and email templates is a no brainer. Here are some popular email marketing tools that are popular for small businesses:

  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Hubspot
  • ConstantContact
  • Omnisend

Build Your Business with Email Marketing

You’ll be glad you added email marketing to your digital marketing efforts. Test your results and see if you are able to benefit from this low-cost option for connecting with homeowners looking for siding installers. Reach new customers by building trust via email, letting them get to know you, and they can learn more about fiber cement siding through your content. Show leads why you’re a valuable option for their siding needs and potentially generate more sales with email marketing.

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