Updating a 1980s House Exterior

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Updating a 1980s house exterior isn’t just a fun project — for many, it’s an absolute necessity. For both aesthetic and performance value, it’s vital to make the right renovations with modern materials that can add value to the existing home. Whether you’re flipping a house or making essential renovations on your own home, updating a 1980s house exterior isn’t difficult — so long as you target the correct features and upgrade them with smart new choices.

Ready to learn how easy — and important — it is to update a 1980s house exterior? Take a look at how you can get the biggest payoff on your renovations by choosing quality materials and modern styles.

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Aesthetic and Performance Upgrades

Let’s just say, things were — different — in the 80s, and that includes home exterior styles. Whether you’re working with cringe-worthy siding colors or simply bland design features that need sprucing up, aesthetic renovations are always a good idea for protecting your home’s resale value and curb appeal. Even if you don’t plan to put your home on the market anytime soon, having an up-to-date aesthetic style for the exterior is vital for maintaining the home’s appeal and value. Plus, it makes it much more enjoyable to come home to a house that looks great!

In reality, updating a 1980s house exterior is important for practical purposes, too. Unfortunately, not all home exteriors were made to last back then, and there’s a good chance the exterior is showing serious signs of wear and tear if it hasn’t been updated since the 80s.

Exterior damage can drastically affect a structure’s ability to withstand the elements and provide a safe, clean shelter. When the exterior starts to fail, water leaks, structural shifting, and heating and cooling challenges can create big issues and lead to much more major repairs. One way of staying a step ahead of these issues is to update the home’s exterior periodically to make sure there aren’t any gaps, deterioration, or other areas of concern.

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Replacing Old Materials with Smart Alternatives

Rather than replacing the exterior with identical materials, it’s a good idea to research the newer options on the market. Some higher-quality materials may be more widely available now than they were in the 80s. Swapping old materials, like wood and cheap vinyl, for more innovative products, like fiber cement, can be a phenomenal way to safeguard the property for years to come and enjoy longer-lasting performance throughout the exterior.

In many cases, these better-quality materials are available in similar, if not identical, styles that offer uniformity while updating a 1980s house exterior. This allows homeowners to get a better product while keeping the same architectural charm that attracted them to the home in the first place. Of course, there are many more options on the market, too, providing the opportunity to choose different styles and more contemporary designs as well.

Important Features to Update on a 1980s House Exterior

Not sure where to start when updating a 1980s house exterior? Focus on these elements to ensure you get the most value and impact out of your renovations.

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Rain Gutters

Proper water management is critical when it comes to protecting the home. Upgrading older gutters to more cutting-edge models can make a world of difference. Some new gutter products have smarter designs that help cut back on the amount of gutter cleaning needed by keeping leaves and other debris from getting clogged.


Window technology has made huge strides since the 80s, and there are now many new models that help improve energy efficiency by blocking UV rays and allowing less air to escape. Plus, modern windows are more functional overall.


Upgrade the doors on your home to improve security, ease of entry, and have a much more modern look. Nowadays it’s common to give the entryway a pop of color to bring beauty to the exterior. If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to update a 1980s exterior, the doors are an affordable place to start.

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New siding is the best way to update a 1980s house exterior. Fiber cement siding provides huge advantages in terms of structural performance and longevity. Plus, fiber cement siding is incredibly low-maintenance, so it’s a great choice for homeowners who want their renovations to last a long time and continue to look great without much effort.

Rather than choosing the same old style from the 1980s, homeowners can refresh their home’s appearance by browsing the different fiber cement siding styles on the market. Fortunately, there are a lot more color choices to choose from now, so it’s easy to find a familiar color or a fresh modern hue to bring your remodeling vision to life. Plus, fiber cement siding is available in lots of different styles, including cedar-style shake, shiplap, and more. You can even get heavy-duty fiber cement siding that captures the beauty of natural wood grain patterns, too!

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Update a 1980s Exterior With Allura Fiber Cement Siding

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