9 White Board and Batten Design Ideas

Are you looking for ways to elevate a home with elegant, modern styling? If so, white board and batten siding might be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Whether you’re an architect, builder, or homebuyer, let this be your inspirational guide to exploring white board and batten in your projects.

What is Board and Batten Siding?

Traditionally used in barns and farmhouses, board and batten is a classic siding technique that has found new life in modern home design because it offers a blend of rustic charm and modern simplicity that homeowners love. This method involves alternating wide boards and narrow battens to create a textured, layered look that adds depth and character to any home exterior.

9 Inspiring White Board and Batten Exterior Designs

Whether you’re aiming to create a sleek, contemporary look or a more traditional vibe, white board and batten siding is the perfect option. Here are nine innovative design ideas to help inspire your next project:

1. Embracing Timeless Elegance

Screenshot 2024 02 26 090939

In this beautiful example, the vertical lines of the white board and batten siding draw the eye upward to accentuate the home’s stunning architecture. Plus, the crisp white creates the perfect contrast with the dark roofing. This is an ideal example of what’s possible with white board and batten and should be a guide to anyone looking to use it on their homes.

2. Rustic Meets Refined

Screenshot 2024 02 26 091014

Nestled inside a lush landscape, this home is the ideal example of what’s possible when you combine rustic sensibilities with modern styling. The white board and batten siding creates a unique silhouette that catches the light and creates dynamic shadows. The addition of stone accents along the lower walls introduces a textural contrast that grounds the home with an earthy touch.

3. Creating Texture

Screenshot 2024 02 26 091056

This home is a great example of what’s possible with a white board and batten siding house. In this image, you can see how the board and batten siding adds an architectural depth that carries through into the rest of the design so that even the black roofing matches the unique styling that the board and batten siding creates. This design also showcases the versatility of board and batten siding and how it can be used in contemporary home design.

4. A Bold Take on a Classic Look

Screenshot 2024 02 26 091143

For this home’s exterior, the board and batten white siding is the perfect backdrop for the beautiful red trim and accents. The designer of this home really wanted to embrace a vibrant color and knew exactly how to do that. Instead of leaving the white siding blank and unadorned, they added a little texture with the board and batten siding. As a result, they created a stunning design that many homeowners and builders could learn from.

5. Creating a Poolside Paradise

Screenshot 2024 02 26 091217

This home showcases the elegance of white board and batten siding in order to amplify the luxurious feel of this outdoor space. The vertical lines create a rhythmic architectural flow that elongates the look of the home and guides the eye to the black trim details. This design choice doesn’t just heighten the visual appeal; it seamlessly integrates the concept of indoor-outdoor living.

6. A Study in Texture and Tone

Screenshot 2024 02 26 091310

The white board and batten siding on this home creates a subtle sophistication that enhances the home’s overall curb appeal and proves that a little can go a long way.

Unlike some of the other homes on this list, this home used board and batten white siding minimally in order to allow the element to stand out on its own as a focal point. As a result, it doesn’t overwhelm the eye, which adds to the home’s super clean aesthetic.

7. Creating Balance

Screenshot 2024 02 26 091351

This home showcases a balance between bold and traditional style through its use of stone textures, elegant color choices, and beautiful white board and batten siding. The vertical lines of the siding draw you in, while the other elements make you want to stay.

Of all the homes on this list, this one is the perfect example of how to create a cozy and chic environment that both welcomes and wows guests.

8. Embracing Simple Charm

Screenshot 2024 02 26 091427

This home is incredibly inviting and uses the simple white board and batten siding to set the stage for a warm and welcoming aesthetic. The vertical lines of the board and batten siding creates a subtle texture that makes the home look bigger without contradicting the minimal styling. Whoever built this home knew exactly what they were doing and showed a lot of restraint, which greatly served the overall design.

9. A Fusion of Style and Durability

Screenshot 2024 02 26 091527

This black-and-white home showcases how white board and batten siding can infuse modern charm into any home design. The siding’s vertical lines add a pleasing texture that perfectly contrasts the black roofing and trim. This is the perfect example of what’s possible with board and batten fiber cement siding.

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