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End Hail Damage For Good

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End Hail Damage For Good.

You’ve seen firsthand the destructive power Mother Damage can unleash on homes. If you’re one of the many homeowners who had their siding destroyed in the recent hailstorm, consider replacing it with a product that’s built to withstand extreme weather of all kinds.

Vinyl siding wasn’t built to last. Allura is.

While Allura creates a natural, authentic wood-look aesthetic that delivers unmistakable curb appeal, its unsurpassed durability is just as beautiful. Featuring cutting-edge fiber cement technology, Allura siding is made for whatever Calgary weather comes its way. Allura is engineered to withstand hail, heatwaves, relentless driving rain or bitter freezing snow and ice.
Hail doesn't stand a chance against our fiber cement siding. Maintain high-quality resistance against hail damage for 50 years.

A great way to increase your resale value.

Installing beautiful, high-performance fiber cement siding from Allura ranks near the top of the list of home improvements when it comes to resale value. Experts estimate your return on investment could be as high as 85% or more. Just one more way this incredible siding outperforms vinyl.

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A great opportunity to upgrade to Allura.

Why replace with vinyl when you can transform with Allura?

Make a great decision even better.

Choosing the durability of Allura fiber cement siding is a great decision. Choosing to have it installed pre-painted is even better. There are many reasons--here are the top three.

  1. Eliminating the step of on-site painting means the job will be completed faster.
  2. The paint and the durability of a baked-on factory finish cannot be matched when painting siding after its installed.
  3. The finish on Allura pre-painted siding is guaranteed for 15 years, up to 3 times longer than you can expect a typical on-site paint job to last.

You have a choice when it comes to fiber cement.

There’s more than one game in town when it comes to fiber cement siding. It’s important to trust both the product and the people you choose to side your biggest investment. You’ve already suffered enough headaches, so choose wisely.

Allura is the preferred choice of discerning homeowners, builders and dealers for a reason. When you talk with your local Allura installer, you’ll quickly discover why. Our people deliver a level of service that’s the envy of the industry, renowned for Making the Material Difference. Ask for your free quote today.

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