12-Inch Smooth Lap Siding: 6 Design and Style Ideas

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Did you know that there are different types of lap siding? Variations of width, surface appearance, color, and material make lap siding one of the most versatile – and classic – exterior styles that you can choose for your home.


Whether you like bold colors or classic curb appeal, there are a lot of things you can do with smooth lap siding, and having a few design examples can help kickstart your ideas. Let’s take a look at one of the most popular exterior choices for: 12-inch smooth lap siding.


Design Profile: 12” Smooth Lap Siding

As the name suggests, smooth lap siding features a smooth appearance, as opposed to textured, rough-cut wood styles. And as you can probably guess, 12-inch smooth lap siding is one foot in width, meaning it can be used to create fairly wide lap styles.

One of the benefits of choosing a smooth surface siding is that it is deliberately finished to look like freshly painted wood that has been sanded to perfection. It provides a very clean and composed appearance.

Don’t be fooled – not all smooth lap siding is made from wood! Fiber cement smooth lap is an excellent choice if you want to get long-lasting beauty and strength without giving up the look of smooth wood lap.

Take a look at these 6 design styles and ideas that rely on high-quality, smooth lap siding crafted from durable fiber cement:

1. Wicker Tone with White Trim


Wicker is a gorgeous color that falls in the neutral category. Because it’s a neutral tone, this lap siding has awesome potential to pair with bold colors or keep a classic style on its own with white trim and darker accents. Notice how the lap siding creates a consistent look that allows the board and batten to stand out along the dormers. Fresh, clean, and contemporary – smooth lap creates a beautiful ambiance.

2. Bright Brick Accents


Another perk of smooth lap siding is that it is super easy to work with as it goes well with a variety of other visual textures, details, and exterior features. This is, in part, thanks to the smooth lap surface which acts somewhat like a blank slate. Here, a brick facade along the base of the home and middle section brings color and texture that contrasts beautifully with the gray siding.

3. Olive Green Siding


The simple, smooth lap siding reflects the symmetry of this colonial home with ease, while the olive green siding adds depth and sophistication. Color lends so much character to a home’s exterior, which is why it is important to maintain its appearance.

Wood and vinyl siding often require heavy upkeep, but fiber cement siding is designed with an impeccable factory finish that provides better durability. In other words, fiber cement smooth lap can maintain its color consistency much more easily than surface paints and stains applied to other siding materials.

4. Tranquil Blue Tones


Slate blues and grays add immense serenity and freshness to this home’s modern exterior, and the light blue smooth lap siding provides a classic style that further enhances the welcoming vibes. Notice how every detail – from the garage door to the roofing, to the smooth lap – features a slightly different shade of blue-gray without veering away from the color family completely. This color palette strategy creates depth without losing consistency.

5. Pacific Blue Siding


Highlighting another approach to blue lap, this dark, smooth lap siding creates a classic, cozy look. Darker tones like Pacific Blue often carry a more mature feel to them, which can be the perfect choice for relaxed home settings. Notice how the gray trim doesn’t clash with the white downspout or surrounding cement patio – this exterior feels comfortable, relaxed, and effortless.

6. Strong Contrast and Crisp Lines


Dark siding doesn’t always have to feel subdued – just look at this stunner! By pairing two strong tones on different sides of the color wheel, this exterior offers bold contrast that’s hard to ignore. The smooth lap adds an authentic, familiar look to the exterior so it still feels approachable and welcoming. Meanwhile, the unique window arrangement adds a contemporary twist to the smooth lap siding. One of the reasons why this color contrast works so well is because there are additional features that carry on the visual theme – notice how the patio furniture and retaining wall offer a coordinated callback to the siding colors.

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