6 Tan House with Black Trim Design Ideas for Your Project

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There’s something about a tan house with black trim that looks welcoming and chic. Black and tan is a classic color combo, and there are many different ways to marry these two tones to create a stunning residential exterior.

Ready for a few tan house black trim design ideas? Take a look as we explore six unique houses that showcase the possibilities of the black and tan color palette.


How to Get the Black and Tan Style – and Keep It Fresh!

Tan house, white trim, black shutters – this is perhaps one of the most iconic looks that homeowners can pull off without much effort at all. There’s one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked though: the materials used for the job.

Since tan is on the lighter end of the color spectrum, dirt and damage can show up more easily and compromise the curb appeal. The best advice is to choose a durable, water-resistant building material for your siding.

Modern materials like fiber cement offer lots of advantages and overall longevity you can count on to keep the original aesthetic appearance. Fiber cement also offers plenty of design styles, including shake, stucco, and classic lap with wood grain patterns. Choosing fiber cement is an easy way to get the look you want without compromising durability and strength.

Take a look at these six design ideas for a tan house with black trim, and get inspired for your next remodel!

1. Tan Brick House with Black Trim


Exuding warmth and sophistication, this facade highlights the beauty of brick and stone with a beautiful tan palette. The stone facade on the entryway wall has a few pops of red tones to strengthen the dimension and create slight contrast with the light tan brick. Black trim is an excellent choice for adding definition to this home and visually framing the light-colored brick and stone exterior.

2. Tan Lap with Black Shutters and Roofing


A tan house with black trim can be somewhat predictable, but this residential exterior switches up the combination by shifting the black to the shutters and roofing and introducing a darker tan color for the garage door and fascia. This subtle shift has a big effect, by delivering a threeway color palette that still feels natural and sophisticated but also more welcoming and relaxed. Tan lap is a classic siding style that looks great on any architecture, so this selection is one of the most versatile choices.

3. Modern Tan and Black Exterior


This light tan house with black trim is a showstopper! Weaving crisp modern elements throughout the exterior, this home proves that classic color combos still have a place in contemporary design. Smooth surfaces benefit from textured panels and large rectangular windows, to reflect a rigid structure that yields open spaces. Notice how the black and tan color palette extends through the patio and landscape to create a cohesive look.

4. Welcoming Black and Tan Entryway


It’s important to remember that decor and patio furniture can play a big role in curb appeal. This home already has a fantastic exterior design – timeless tan lap, white trim, and a bold black door. Ornamental pieces elevate the design even more by mirroring the color palette. Black patio furniture, sculptures, and light fixtures echo the color of the door, deepening the palette and emphasizing the theme.

5. Smooth Tan Exterior with Black Trim


By keeping it simple, this home pulls off a sophisticated look that feels effortless. Smooth architectural panels are emphasized by thin black trim and white fascia, to elevate the exterior and create exceptional color harmony. Anytime the surface appears vast and open, as it does with this home, siding maintenance becomes even more important because signs of wear and tear or moisture damage are likely to be more noticeable. Choosing a durable building material capable of standing up to the elements is strongly recommended.

6. Tudor Style Tan with Black Trim


Tudor-style homes have distinct character because of their recognizable layout and prominent beams. Let that architecture steal the spotlight by choosing simple color combos to complement the lines. This home features a very light shade of tan that almost appears white next to the bold black beams and trimwork. A contrasting color was chosen for the roof to provide a pop of color that still matches the neutral tones of the exterior.

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