7 Colonial House Siding Ideas

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Colonial siding can come in various styles, colors, and materials. To get the most out of your home, consider these classic colonial house siding ideas. By paying attention to form, color, and highlighting the architecture appropriately, you can create a gorgeous home with the timeless look of colonial siding.

What Does Colonial Siding Look Like?

Believe it or not, colonial house siding is not as limited of a design style as it would seem. In fact, there are many different colors and styles that you can experiment with when exploring colonial home siding ideas, from contemporary brick facades to classic smooth lap siding.

Regardless of what color or style you prefer, it’s important to remember that colonial house siding always highlights the architectural value of the home. In other words, the exterior is designed in a way that draws attention to the natural balance and symmetry of colonial homes, which are traditionally rectangular with a mirrored layout of dormers, smokestacks, and windows. Columns and decorative moulding are also common features of colonial homes.

Ready to see a few examples of stunning siding ideas for colonial homes? Take a look!

1. Brick Facade with Accented Roof Color


Brick facades are fairly common for colonial siding, and they are typically found in red and dark brown palettes. Light-colored brick is not as common, as this tends to be more of a mid-century color choice for brick exteriors. The benefit of choosing a classic red or brown brick is that it can contrast really well with white trim, leaving room for an alternative accent color to adorn the roof. Here, green roofing adds a natural, yet noticeable pop of color that creates a great backdrop for the dormers and smokestacks.

2. White Lap Siding with Black Trim


White and black is a popular color combo that is commonly used across all genres of residential architecture. When applying this color strategy to colonial house siding ideas, it’s best to stick with a traditional style, like smooth lap siding with a horizontal layout. The result is an elegant facade that flaunts a classic colonial style.

3. Red and Gray Exterior


For an alternative color strategy, try pairing bright red siding with an unexpected trim color, like gray. This home shows how a more subtle trim color can actually contribute to an overall stunning aesthetic. Matching the gray trim with the roofing allows more focus to fall on the overall architecture of the colonial house.

4. Dutch Colonial House Siding


A dramatic sloped roof is a signature element of Dutch colonial architecture. While it is stunning to look at, it can be tricky to style and remodel, since some homeowners aren’t sure whether upper floors should be fixed with roofing materials or siding shingles. The best approach is to go with a modern exterior material like fiber cement that can easily transition between exterior walls and roofing without skipping a beat. Here, a classic roof color has been used for the shake to accentuate the roof and exterior siding.

5. Taupe and Beige Tones


Soft color choices in strong neutrals are always an easy pick for colonial house siding ideas. This home pairs a light-colored beige lap with a darker shade of brown roofing to communicate a natural and easygoing aesthetic. Dark brown shutters and crisp white trim complete the look, pulling off a classic, put-together facade that feels iconic for a colonial home.

6. Dutch Revival with High Saturation


This home shows how strong colors with high saturation can be put together to make a big impression. Bright red brick adorns the first floor while a greenish-gray shake adds interesting character to the upper level. White trim delivers high-powered contrast, outlining the symmetrical features of the windows and centrally-positioned entryway.

7. Beautiful Green Siding with White Trim


Embrace the spirit of colonial architecture with textured green siding and white (or off-white) trim. The shake-style texture of the siding gives this home exceptional character while the white trim adds order and charm to the formal elements, including the columns, banisters, and decorative fascia beneath the windows. Together, these two opposing styles create a dynamic look.

Top Colonial House Siding Material: Fiber Cement

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