Utilizing Board and Batten Fiber Cement Siding for Incredible Home Aesthetics

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Board and batten siding is often used to add intrigue and character to homes with classic architecture. Because of its distinct layout and rustic charm, board and batten can add unique depth to exterior designs and achieve a variety of looks – including Modern Farmhouse, Colonial, and Craftsman styles. Whether adding board and batten as an accent to contrast with horizontal lap or using it completely throughout the exterior, there is so much potential with this classic exterior style.

Now that board and batten siding can be crafted from fiber cement, homeowners have even more reason to consider it when building, remodeling, or re-siding their home.

Easy installation, durability, and long-lasting aesthetics are just some of the practical benefits of board and batten fiber cement siding. Add to that list the immense design potential, and it’s easy to see why board and batten fiber cement siding is in high demand.


Aesthetic Profile of Board and Batten

Popularized in the 19th century, board and batten was originally used as a practical and efficient way to add siding to barns. With vertical planks and thin battens lining the seams, this style also improved the outside appearance of barn structures. Those roots are ingrained in the aesthetic profile of board and batten siding today. Even though this style quickly crossed over into residential usage – and has remained a popular siding choice ever since – board and batten still conveys a rustic feel.

Nowadays, designers use board and batten to add texture, dimension, and detail to residential homes in all sorts of styles. By playing with color, arrangement, and coordinating features, board and batten siding designs effectively transcend the ‘rustic’ label to provide a wide range of creative and modern looks that homeowners love.

The Benefits of Using Fiber Cement

Though traditionally built from wood, board and batten holds up better and looks cleaner when crafted from a more durable material like fiber cement. Wood tends to weaken, age quickly, and require a ton of upkeep. Fiber cement, on the other hand, is built to withstand the elements much better so that it retains its structural integrity and original appearance year after year – with very little maintenance, at that.

Plus, the aesthetic quality of fiber cement board and batten has significant benefits over natural wood. Consistent color and authentic-looking wood grain patterns allow homeowners to get a gorgeous exterior that expresses the same beauty of real wood siding – and then some – but without all the deterioration that’s common with wood, like rotting, chipping, pests, and color fading.

Creative Design Ideas for Board and Batten Fiber Cement Siding

When it comes to style, there are so many things that you can do with board and batten fiber cement siding. While an all-over approach can express a classic look, many designers are choosing to mix and match siding types to deliver more nuanced styles.

Here are a few examples of how board and batten fiber cement siding can be coordinated with other elements to create a distinct look that stands out from standard designs:

Creating Contrast with Color and Texture


Not only does the gray board and batten fiber cement siding contrast with the dark blue lap, but it also contrasts with the color and texture of the brick found on the front of the home. White trim pulls it all together, and the specific blue tones and neutrals create harmony and balance for an overall fresh and welcoming look.

Consistent Color Palette with Serene Style


Contrast can also be created without dramatic color changes. Here, board and batten siding is used on the two gables, while a small section of shake is used on the small dormer in between. Horizontal lap covers the first floor for a classic level along the foundation of the home. While the siding only has a single color, the variation in texture and orientation (horizontal versus vertical beams) delivers subtle detail that heightens the aesthetic quality of the home.

Add Visual Height to Dormers


The vertical layout of board and batten siding can also be used to lengthen and extend the visual impression of a home. Here, it is strategically placed to make the home appear slightly taller. Notice how the porch roofing has a similar effect because of its vertical lines.

Sage Board and Batten Siding with Dark Trim


Nontraditional board and batten siding colors, like sage green and muted blue, can also add exceptional character to a home. These colors work best with neutrals and dark trim, but they can also be coordinated with other features, like brick, to express a natural aesthetic.

Coastal Board and Batten Siding


Board and batten fiber cement siding looks great with other traditional wood-style selections, like lap and shake, but it can also be paired with stucco-style exteriors to create a coastal aesthetic that feels fresh and modern.

Classic Board and Batten Style with Cutting-Edge Durability

The material choice can make a huge difference when it comes to design potential and practicality. Board and batten fiber cement siding is certainly fit to outperform natural wood, thanks to its strength, durability, and low-maintenance longevity. Plus, with wood-look options, homeowners can get the best of both worlds: beauty and strength!

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