7 of the Most Popular Cedar Shake Siding Colors

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Boring shake siding colors that are limited and bland are a thing of the past. Instead of the traditional wood-brown color that was overused in older homes, cedar shake siding colors are now fresh, exciting, and available in a wide variety of colors. Modern homes integrate this traditional siding style with confidence, and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

You also have a good chance of finding cedar shake siding colors in almost any hue imaginable, and there are some popular colors that are go-to favorites in today’s housing market. Selecting one of these more desirable colors is a good way for homeowners to see a return on their investment if they choose to list their property for sale down the line. There are other benefits to exploring the most popular cedar shake siding colors, too, like enjoying a timeless look that you probably won’t feel compelled to renovate any time soon.

So, what are the current cedar shake siding colors to look for? In general, blues and browns dominate modern marketplace trends, with coordinating materials and trim playing a huge role in final designs. Not only are these particular shades favorites for house flippers and home designers, but they’re also excellent hues to pair with unconventional trim designs. As you’ll see, many of these poplar shake siding colors look great with stone, brick, and variegated siding applications in a variety of architectural styles. Whether creating the ultimate woodland lodge or a suburban homestead, these cedar shake siding colors can pull off a polished look.

Ready to explore the options? Take a look at the 7 most popular cedar shake siding colors to find your favorite!

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1. Blue-Gray

Terrain can play a big part in selecting the right shake siding colors for a home. Coastal and lakeside residences are a great example of this. Surrounding blues from the water and sky can offset the look of blue-gray siding in a lovely way so that the home blends in effortlessly with its surroundings. Blue-gray is a popular shake siding color because it carries a natural look that is understated yet attractive. Lakeside homes aren’t the only properties that look great with this color — blue-gray shake siding works well in suburbs and provincial homes as well.

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2. Warm Cedar

Rich, soothing, and welcoming, warm cedar is a timeless favorite for homeowners who appreciate a cabin-style aesthetic. One of the biggest advantages of warm cedar shake siding is that it can be mixed alongside other amber-colored features, like brass, and similar finishes with brown tones to create a rich tapestry of coordinating colors. Doors, trim, gables, and light fixtures can blend well with the warm cedar color, making it a consistent winner when it comes to shake siding colors.

Beige - Cedar Shake Siding Colors

3. Beige

Modest and traditional, beige is another popular siding color because of its ‘blank slate’ effect. By far one of the easiest colors to work with, beige shake siding can be partnered with a bold roof color or patio feature to achieve a unique look. It can also be complemented with more common and simple colors, like pure white, to create a classic appearance. Beige is a power player within the world of shake siding colors because it is so adaptable.

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4. Dark Gray

For homeowners who like the appeal of dark colors, dark gray is a solid choice. Though dark gray siding tends to look great regardless of the siding style, cedar shake siding boosts the visual texture with natural wood grain patterning and an iconic staggered layout. This visual texture can help bolster the definition of the home’s exterior.

Sky Blue - Cedar Shake Siding Colors

5. Sky Blue

Believe it or not, sky blue is one of the fastest trending colors of cedar shake siding. Why? When paired with natural features, like stone masonry, and crisp white trim, sky blue siding creates a modern aesthetic that feels comfortable and stylish all at once. This cedar shake siding color is very light, so homeowners can take more risks with texture by mixing and matching siding styles, like shake along the dormers and horizontal lap siding on the ground floor.

Tawny Brown

6. Tawny Brown

Neutral colors have made a huge comeback in recent years, particularly for their timelessly, yet stylish ‘no-fuss’ feel. Tawny brown is a great color to explore with cedar shake siding because it allows the texture to be on full display. This color is also forgiving, and it looks great with similar neutral trims or bolder colors alike. Mixing and matching siding styles, like board and batten alongside shake, is also quite attractive in this neutral hue.

Navy Blue

7. Navy Blue

Finally, navy blue is a big winner when it comes to cedar shake siding colors, and it’s a hue that flatters all architectural types, including craftsman-style homes. Since it is quite dark, residential homes look particularly crisp and polished when navy blue shake siding is capped with pure white trim along the windows, banisters, and pillars.

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