9 Home Designs With Charcoal Grey Siding

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Why is charcoal grey siding gaining traction in the home improvement scene? It comes down to absolute versatility. Charcoal grey siding carries a spectrum of hues that can be used in specific combinations and architectural applications to pull off distinct looks that are desirable and unique.

Unlike traditional siding colors, like white or red, that already have strong associations, charcoal grey siding isn’t limited to a particular look or aesthetic. In many ways, charcoal grey is the new neutral on the scene — full of potential and ready to be molded into whatever innovative styles homeowners can dream up.

Not sure about charcoal grey siding? Take a look at these 9 examples.

All of these unique home designs feature charcoal grey siding in one form or another. Ranging from ultra-modern to rustic and everything in between, this selection of home designs demonstrates the range of awesome designs that are possible with charcoal grey siding.

Charcoal Siding: 9 Amazing Home Designs You Should See

1. Two-Tone Attraction

Applying siding in two different tones lets homeowners emphasize architectural features in a unique way. Selecting a contrasting color that harmonizes well can help a two-tone design look more natural. For charcoal grey siding, beige, tan, and other neutral tones can be great accent color choices to consider.

Two-Tone Attraction

2. Main Street Style

Homes that feature iconic ‘main street’ charm and architectural features, like fixed shutters and decorative fascia, look great with charcoal siding that is capped by crisp white trim. The stark contrast of the pure white trim helps outline the home design and brightens up the overall look of the charcoal grey siding.

Main Street Style

3. Monochrome Magnetism

A daring home design with unsuspecting allure, monochrome schemes can bring that one-of-a-kind feel that homeowners are often looking for. Match the charcoal grey siding with roofing, banisters, chimney and columns in similar colors to complete the look. Often, adding a light-colored foundation or pathway can help this design strategy from veering too deep into a single color palette.

Monochrome Magnetism

4. The Warmth of Wood

Wood-style siding has remained a staple with many home designers, and this nostalgic building material isn’t going anywhere in the future. Instead of settling on one particular color of wood, look into the combinations that are possible and choose alternative materials that offer enhanced durability. Pairing unique color tones, like charcoal grey siding with warm amber panels, can perk up this traditional siding material and give it a more modern, upscale ambiance.

The Warmth of Wood

5. Contemporary Color Block

One style that remains popular amongst a niche crowd integrates blocks of color that are segmented by lines in order to create an appearance that feels regulated and geometric. Dark siding, like charcoal grey, is best divided by light-colored lines, and vice versa. Quite common in urban spaces and larger buildings, this contemporary color block approach typically integrates glass panels and other metallic features to achieve its distinct appearance. There are no limits to this type of home design, and anyone with a creative approach can benefit from all of the design possibilities.

Contemporary Color Block

6. Classic Craftsman

Craftsman homes continue to attract individuals who value buildings with distinct character. To bring this traditional home style into the 21st century, charcoal grey siding that features wood grain patterning can achieve a lovely effect that blends tradition and innovation. For wood-look charcoal siding, simple trim styles and solid-colored roofing can emphasize a smart appearance that easily fits in with most suburban styles.

Classic Craftsman

7. Urban Appeal

Duplexes, apartment buildings, and multi-family homes located in urban settings can show off charcoal siding by integrating other building materials, like smooth wood-style panels in light colors, to help designate individual units. Not only is this visual distinction practical, but it also creates an attractive look that fits effortlessly with urban and suburban landscapes alike.

Urban Appeal

8. Countryside Captivation

Charcoal grey siding isn’t limited to urban settings. Showing off incredible range and versatility, charcoal siding looks just as great in the countryside when paired with materials that draw inspiration from the surrounding landscape. For example, stone stacks and extended patios help link the light grey siding with the land. Light grey and white make for a soft, easy color combination, so light charcoal siding can be an excellent choice for barndominiums and other countryside homes.

Countryside Captivation

9. New American Suburban Style

Taking new suburbs by storm, the new American architectural style is quickly becoming a beloved look. Often featuring strong pillars in front and several dormers at varying heights, this architectural style is typically outfitted with a combination of stonework and siding in cool grey colors with white trim. Lap siding, shingles, and board and batten are all common choices for this modern suburban-style, and mixing charcoal grey tones is never off-limits, as long as the selected tones integrate well with the stonework.

Choose Charcoal for Long Lasting Beauty

Charcoal grey siding is an adaptable and versatile exterior color. Slight changes in tone and surrounding trim can produce a wonderful range of beautiful home designs! Contact the siding experts at Allura today for color options and quotes.

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