7 Greyish Blue Siding Home Design Ideas

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For timeless style and versatility, greyish blue siding is one of the best hues to embellish a home’s exterior. The main reason why greyish blue siding is so popular is because it’s an easy color to work with. It can be paired with a wide variety of accent colors and trim colors, as well as a range of materials like stone and brick.

Need some design inspiration for using greyish blue siding in a fresh way? Take a look at this gallery of seven beautiful homes that highlight the potential of modern greyish blue siding.


Greyish Blue Siding – It’s Modern and Timeless All at Once

There are so many variations of greyish blue siding that homeowners have a wealth of design opportunities at their fingertips. One way to play with this color trend is to explore deeply saturated tones like Pacific Blue or Cavalry alongside lighter shades of grey like Pewter. Comparing the two ends of the color spectrum can provide a better understanding of the design possibilities.

Beyond color, greyish blue siding can strike different reactions based on form and style. Horizontal lap with prominent wood grain patterning brings a traditional look to homes, while smooth architectural panels can offer a unique spin on modern greyish blue siding. With fiber cement siding, homeowners can consider a wide range of styles for their home.

Check out these seven different approaches to greyish blue siding and find a look that you love:

1. Flagstone Siding with Light Grey Tones


Mixing and matching materials can be a fresh way to get instant curb appeal. This home features a light shade of flagstone on two sections of the front facade, complemented by greyish blue siding in a very soft tone. A brown roof echoes the natural appeal of this light-colored palette which creates a relaxed and welcoming ambiance.

2. Light and Bright Chalet

What’s beautiful about this home is that it does a phenomenal job of blending old world architecture with a fresh palette. A generous amount of white brick and concrete throughout the siding and patio floor elevates the exterior and reflects current trends that capture light and bright motifs.

At the same time, black trim creates the profound contrast needed to generate a sophisticated, put-together style. The black and white combo provides the perfect canvas for the greyish blue siding to shine in the center of each chalet structure. Notice how horizontal lap was chosen for the greyish blue siding as a callback to the traditional architecture and to add visual balance to the triangular form.

3. Blue Tones Throughout

Creating a harmonious palette can be achieved by exploring different hues within the same color family, too. This home is an excellent example of the depth that blue tones can offer. Greyish blue siding, slate blue garage doors, navy blue roofing, and a matching blue door – all these variations in blue come together to create a stunning facade.

4. Midnight Blue with White Trim


Don’t be afraid to use trim to create contrast! This home features thick white trim around the windows, doorway, porch, eaves, and fascia to add exceptional dimension against the midnight blue siding. Shake has a lot of visual texture already, so outlining the exterior with a bold trim choice can provide the definition needed to complete the look.

5. Accented Dormers


Switching up the siding for the upper level can be a great strategy if you want to create noticeable contrast and emphasize the architecture. Here, greyish blue siding with a vertical layout adds interest to the second floor, which contrasts well with the tan brick facade on the ground level.

6. Victorian-Inspired Embellishments


Frills, curves, and cut-outs – the fanciful designs featured on this exterior are sure to catch the eye! Beyond expressing a unique residential style that echoes the Victorian era, these decorative elements also give the home immense character. Dark blue siding provides rich contrast with the crisp white trim, resulting in a fantastic facade that makes a big impression.

7. Patchwork-Style Design


With plenty of square and rectangular sections to work with, this exterior captures the creativity of a patchwork-style facade. Horizontal lap is used in several sections, while contrasting beige shake siding adds an interesting effect in the top left quadrant of the home.

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