8 Cottage Lap Siding Ideas for a Rustic and Charming Aesthetic

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Cottage style siding can bring big character out of a small home. Whether it’s the charming comfort of a cottage exterior or the quaint decorative style that draws you in, there are many ways to evoke delightful curb appeal with a cottage style exterior.

Ready to explore a few of the possibilities for creating a rustic cottage style all your own? Take a look at a few tips and check out these fantastic cottage siding ideas that will get your creative wheels turning.

Creating Rustic Charm with Cottage Style Siding

There are a few essential qualities that truly define the cottage aesthetic. First of all, cottages are typically small in stature but big in style. In other words, it’s not the sprawling square footage of the home that will impress guests — rather, it’s the charming way that the home is decorated inside and out to generate a feeling of warmth, welcome, and coziness.

Cottage decor is usually eclectic, meaning elements from a range of styles are mixed and matched in a balanced way. Integrating older types of decor side by side with fresh modern pieces is what truly brings out the ‘rustic’ feel of a cottage. Older styles are embraced with fresh eyes to create a comforting charm that’s hard to resist.

There’s something important to note here. While classic, time-tested elements are an essential part of crafting the rustic vibe, these elements shouldn’t distract from the modern practicality of the cottage. Homeowners can still embrace a rustic aesthetic without using old and outdated building materials.

Fiber Cement Cottage Style Siding Offers Beauty and Practicality

Fiber cement siding lends the perfect balance between a traditional style and modern practicality. Because of its enhanced durability and weather resistance, fiber cement siding can stand up to the elements much better than traditional cottage siding materials, like wood. This material upgrade allows you to enjoy beautiful cottage exterior siding without all the upkeep that used to be commonplace for old cottages.

Allura products are a great choice for cottage style siding backed by modern durability. There are plenty of traditional and modern exterior styles to choose from — including cottage lap siding, shake, and more — with so many designs possible.

Not sure what cottage style exterior you like best? Take a look at a few examples to gather ideas for your next abode!

1. Cottage with Sage Lap Siding

Cottage with Sage Lap Siding

Horizontal cottage lap siding provides a classic look. The muted green, yellow and cream tones in this exterior are fantastic for reflecting natural elements in the design, something that’s a classic theme in cottage style exteriors.

2. Charming Shake and Lap Combo

Charming Shake and Lap Combo - Cottage Lap Siding

Shake siding is very common on traditional cottage exteriors. With today’s modern building materials, it’s easy to integrate this classic style in a smarter, fresher way. Fiber cement shake is much easier to install, and it adds extra dimension and texture to the exterior when used in combination with another style, like cottage lap siding.

3. Beautiful Cottage with White Lap Siding and Black Trim

Beautiful Cottage with White Lap Siding and Black Trim

Color is another important component that can help create a cottage style exterior. Black and white is a two-tone palette that simply never goes out of style. This combo brings a slightly more sophisticated look to a rustic exterior.

4. Extended Barndominium with Brown Lap Siding

Extended Barndominium with Brown Lap Siding

Many rustic cottages have extensions where the old floor plan has been remodeled to accommodate additional living space. Notice how this home features the same cottage style lap throughout the exterior to create a seamless look.

5. Vertical Cottage-Style Lap Siding

Vertical Cottage-Style Lap Siding

Vertical lap can create unique dimension. Notice how the vertical lines made by this cottage lap siding heighten the overall impression of the home and balance well with the angled architectural features.

6. Highly Decorative Beige Lap Siding With White Trim

Highly Decorative Beige Lap Siding With White Trim

Rustic cottages are known for having a lot of decorative features, and this home doesn’t disappoint! Choosing two neutral tones is key for helping all of the exterior decor feel fresh and light against traditional cottage lap siding.

7. Countryside Escape

Countryside Escape

Not all cottages keep in line with the cool and neutral color tones. This home features a bright red exterior with white trim that conveys a more rural cottage style that is reminiscent of some modern farmhouse designs.

8. Main Street Charm With Cream Lap Siding

Main Street Charm With Cream Lap Siding

When in doubt, classic cottage lap siding can always be paired with a coordinating color that’s consistent throughout the trim, roofing, and shutters. The dark brown trim on this home brings emphasis to the cream-colored lap for a classic look that could easily be found on any Main Street, USA.

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