7 Cream Colored Siding Color Scheme Options for Your Home

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Looking to create an exterior that feels pleasant, soothing, and crisp all at once? Cream colored siding is one of those powerful tones that is often underestimated. Cool, crisp, and classic, houses with cream siding prove to be versatile and appeal to a wide audience.

Creating the Cream Siding Color Scheme

Cream is an attractive blend between white and yellow. Not to be confused with beige or tan, cream is a lighter tone with a softer appearance. Often described as a pastel version of yellow, cream tends to have a weightless look to it, making it a great choice for residential homes with a welcoming ambiance.

Traditionally, cream was often used as a neutral trim color. Today, cream colored siding can be seen as the main attraction in exterior siding, as well as being used as a trim color. Houses with cream siding often have complimentary neutrals, like white and brown, to establish balance within the color scheme.

Curious about cream? Take a look at seven beautiful examples where the cream color has been used for siding and/or trim to create gorgeous curb appeal.

1. Cream Lap with Nutmeg Shutters and White Trim

7 Cream Siding Color Scheme Options for Your Home

Horizontal lap is a traditional texture for residential siding. Since cream is such a light color, it allows beautiful yet subtle shadow lines to be seen even on basic textures, like lap. Here, nutmeg colored shutters add the dark definition needed to ground the cream colored siding and create dimension. Notice how the light brown shutters also tie in with the foundational brick facade, which further helps provide structure to the light cream siding color scheme.

2. Gingerbread Style Cream House

Cream Siding

If the fairytale look is something you’ve always dreamed of, cream colored siding is an excellent way to bring that vision to life. When cream colored siding is partnered with a secondary color like beige or light brown, it creates a charming gingerbread palette. The key to keeping this gingerbread approach feeling modern is to include a hodgepodge of in-style textures throughout — always sticking within the cream siding color scheme.

Shake and lap are used together to create dynamic texture, while additional features like corbels, studded window frames, and multi-colored roofing keep the design feeling fresh and full.

3. Cream Trim That Lifts Up Dark Siding

Cream Trim That Lifts Up Dark Siding

Dark colored siding can be tricky to work with, since dark trim can wash out the whole exterior and cause architectural features to get lost. Choosing a trim color with a lighter tone can help brighten and lift dark siding.

For certain siding colors, like dark brown, white trim can feel like too strong of a contrast. Here, cream colored trim shines as the perfect partner for dark colored trim, effectively lifting up the color palette without being as jarring as flat white trim.

4. Classic Cream with Brown Roofing and Trim

Classic Cream with Brown Roofing and Trim

Cream and brown continue to be a popular color combo, but sometimes homeowners aren’t sure how far to carry the theme. Here, the brown color of the trim is extended into the roofing to create a more minimalist approach to the color combination. Notice how the roofing, trim, shutters, and porch banisters are all consistent with the same shade of brown.

5. Yellow-Toned Cream Siding

Yellow-Toned Cream Siding

Not all cream colors are exactly the same! Remember, this unique shade is a blend between white and yellow, which means there are many different tones that can be characterized as cream. Here, the cream colored siding features a stronger yellow tone, which opens up the design possibilities and creates a warmer, brighter look overall.

Yellow-toned creams tend to look great with crisp white trim and a wide range of grays and browns. They also work well with other strong tones used as accent colors, like rustic red shutters or awnings.

6. Ashy-Cream Siding with Many Coordinating Colors

Ashy-Cream Siding with Many Coordinating Colors

On the other end of the color spectrum, some shades of cream can express an ashy or gray tone that makes them appear very close to beige. Ashy-cream siding has great versatility, which allows homeowners to experiment with other accent colors to use for the roofing, porches, shutters, and foundation.

Notice how a beautiful grayish-blue color has been chosen for the roofing while a warm reddish-brown tone is featured on the lower level foundation and entryway stairs. These color choices work so well together because of the strong gray tone present in this particular shade of cream colored siding.

7. Light and Bright Cream Palette

Light and Bright Cream Palette

Finally, cream colored siding that dials up the white tones and keeps just a slight hint of yellow can almost appear white. This modern twist on the cream color scheme works beautifully for farmhouse-style homes, board and batten exteriors, and more. Black and red accents create a classic look for this attractive exterior style.

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