7 Dark Grey Siding Designs Using White Trim

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If grey siding has caught your eye, you’re not alone! Grey has become one of the most popular color choices for home decor. Both inside and out, grey is now considered a go-to color for capturing a current, on-trend style that feels contemporary and chic.

If you’re not sure about the possibilities when pairing dark grey siding with white trim, just take a look at seven unique styles that can be pulled off with this powerful color combo:

1. Expansive Layout

1 Expansive Layout

One of the amazing advantages of this smart color combo is the ability to emphasize and draw attention to the different layers and faces of the home without the layout looking disjointed. In many cases, homeowners who are working with multi-faceted architectural layouts can feel overwhelmed and confused on how to make all the different exterior areas come together in a unified aesthetic. There’s no need to complicate an expansive design further. Sticking to a streamlined approach of dark grey siding with white trim can help create a clean, finished appearance that still showcases everything the home has to offer.

2. Classic Combo

2 Classic Combo

Even modest homes that have witnessed multiple generations can get a fresh face lift by installing dark grey siding with white trim. Smooth dark grey siding has the unique ability to expand the appearance of a home and make it appear larger than other flashier siding choices, like bright colors and textured shingles. When striving for a classic look, stick to a simple, two-tone color palette by pairing dark grey siding with white trim, soffit, shutters, porch banisters, and fascia.

3. Establish a Grounded Look

3 Establish a Grounded Look

Sometimes the concrete foundation of a home can get overlooked during the design process. In reality, exposed concrete foundation doesn’t have to be an eyesore that goes ignored. Instead, call attention to the concrete foundation by finishing it in a crisp white color. Solid white trim has the power to make a home look more finished and complete at its edges, so be sure to extend the same white hue into other areas, like the porch columns, steps, window trim, and soffit, for a strong, sturdy, and established look.

4. Subdue Siding Textures with Solid White

4 Subdue Siding Textures with Solid White

If you’re a homeowner who loves to jazz up exterior surfaces with eye-catching texture, then you’ll be happy to know that dark grey siding with white trim works really well with shake, shingles, and other textured siding designs. While texture tends to spark energy and excitement, grey and white are both colors that impart a calm and soothing effect. This balance works really well together, allowing textures to catch the eye without overwhelming the entire outdoor aesthetic.

5. Bring Balance to Variegated Roofing

5 Bring Balance to Variegated Roofing

Variegated roofing typically offers a combination of shingles in different colors to create a bright, speckled appearance from far away. Variegated roofing can be quite lovely, but it works best when matched with exterior siding and trim that balances it out rather than adding extra visual elements that clash, resulting in an exterior that has ‘too much going on.’ As mentioned before, dark grey siding with white trim has a steady, calming effect that can be the perfect amount of balance to homes with variegated roofing shingles.

6. Emphasize Dimension

6 Emphasize Dimension

Homes with particularly marked design elements, like a combination of bow windows, archways, and gabled rooftops, can also benefit from the clean and calm look of dark grey siding with white trim. For these exterior designs, the dark grey can provide an excellent backdrop to enable the crisp white trim to emphasize dimension. This approach showcases the unique personality of the home while creating a memorable look.

7. Vertical Bookends

7 Vertical Bookends

Working with a one-of-a-kind structure that has exceptional character at both the top and bottom of the building? Remember that the trim includes far more than just the basic windowpane options. Complete the home’s appearance by including significant focal points in white at both the foundation and the rooftop. For example, paint smokestacks to match foundation and other trim, and install dark grey siding for a beautiful look.

Get the Most Out of Dark Grey Siding with White Trim

All shades of grey are getting renewed attention in home design, however dark grey is particularly popular for exterior siding, most likely because of its distinct, timeless look that fits well in a wide variety of architectural styles. Whether remodeling a Victorian-style home, updating a ranch house, or building a new suburban oasis from scratch, dark grey siding with white trim simply looks great.

As the examples above have shown, dark grey and white is a truly unique color combination that captures the sleek, contemporary allure of city-style colorscape while also feeling like a comfortable, cozy, and welcoming homestead — that’s the magic of finishing the home’s grey exterior with crisp white trim! You get the best of both worlds when selecting dark grey siding with white trim, creating curb appeal that feels both cutting-edge and cozy.

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