9 Dark Olive Green House Style Options

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Have you ever seen a dark olive green house? If you have, you probably remember it well! Dark olive green house exteriors are rare, but they tend to be very memorable, simply because of their unique style and captivating character. With homeowners looking for more modern ways to make their home stand out, dark olive green is now becoming a go-to.

Before you pick up a can of dark olive green exterior house paint, you should know that there are easier ways to pull off this striking exterior aesthetic. Modern materials like fiber cement can make siding renovations much simpler and mess-free. There are a few high-quality olive green siding products that can save you time, money, and energy in the long run. By choosing a fiber cement option, you can ditch the maintenance and paint cans and get a beautiful olive green exterior that lasts.

Let’s take a closer look at the possibilities of dark olive green house exteriors with a breakdown of this unique color as well as some design options that showcase its potential.

Dive into Dark Olive Green

Unlike other dark shades of green, olive green has a particularly muted or warm undertone to it. It brings out a more mature color profile that can play well with black, white, brown, or beige. It also makes natural features an easy addition. Unlike primary green derivatives, dark olive green expresses a more sophisticated subtlety that makes it perfect for modern homes and older architecture alike. Versatility and maturity are two clear strengths of dark olive green house siding.

When it comes to siding styles, there aren’t really any designs that are off the table for dark olive green house exteriors. Board and batten, classic lap, shake, and smooth panels all look great in dark olive green. This allows homeowners to get creative and explore different siding styles that catch the eye.

Ready for a few examples? These designs showcase a variety of dark olive green house exteriors that use trim, color, texture, and natural accents to create different aesthetics.

1. Dark Olive House with White Trim

Dark Olive House with White Trim

For a classic ‘main street’ approach, olive green horizontal lap never disappoints. White trim and shutters create clean contrast and draw out a cozy, familiar look that reflects traditional residential design.

2. Heavy Texture and Bold Color Accent Choices

Heavy Texture and Bold Color Accent Choices

One advantage of dark siding colors like olive green is that texture looks very natural. Here, shake siding on the second level adds extra flair, while classic lap is used throughout the main floor of the exterior. Arched windows, decorative fascia, and stylized features heighten the texture even more, with a bold red shutter and door adding a pop of color.

3. Classic Lap with Linear Layout

Classic Lap with Linear Layout

Recognized as a standard siding choice, classic lap looks great in dark olive green. The horizontal layout of this green siding works particularly well with the structured, symmetrical exterior design. The windows and porch beams add impeccable balance, and horizontal lap is the perfect choice to keep in line with the measured look.

4. Olive Shake with Thick White Trim

Olive Shake with Thick White Trim

With beautiful shake siding, this dark olive green house exterior has undeniable character and charm. This house is decked with particularly thick white trim around the windows and along the roofline, to add emphasis and depth to the overall impression of the exterior.

5. Consistent Olive Green Lap

Consistent Olive Green Lap

Smooth lap looks great on multi-level homes, and the dark olive green color brings a soothing consistency throughout. Notice how the white trim helps to divide the levels and draw attention to the windows, while the dark gray roofing expresses a tone that’s very close to the dark olive green siding.

6. Modern Tudor with Olive Green “Half-Timbers”

Modern Tudor with Olive Green “Half-Timbers”

Tudor-style homes typically feature brown, white, and cream color palettes, so the dark olive green comes as a refreshing reinterpretation of what a Tudor home can look like with a modern twist. The vibrant red brick creates exceptional contrast with the dark olive green exterior, which results in outstanding curb appeal with a memorable look.

7. Classic Arts and Crafts with Olive Green Siding

Classic Arts and Crafts with Olive Green Siding

This recognizable architectural style continues to be considered a classic, with today’s homeowners bringing fresh ideas on how to bring it to life with unique colors and styles. Notice how dark olive green lap has been paired with board and batten on the bump-out to create a subtle mix-and-matched approach.

8. Brown and Olive Palette with Black and Brick Accents

Brown and Olive Palette with Black and Brick Accents

This home is a fine example of dark olive green being used within an overwhelmingly light palette. Light brown, cream, beige, and pale brick work together to keep the exterior fresh on this dark olive green house with black trim at the gutters.

9. Rustic Charm with Natural Features

Rustic Charm with Natural Features

Dark olive green siding is also a fantastic choice for rustic homes and cabin-style exteriors that draw on natural elements. Notice how the stone chimney pairs perfectly with the warmth of the green siding, while the entryway door shows off beautiful wood grain for a natural contrast with the surrounding siding.

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