23 Stunning Exterior Home Finishes

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Blending classic and modern styles, these homes show off the impressive potential of exterior residential design. Coastal vibes, cozy cottages, modern farmhouses, and chic urban abodes – these photos prove that with the right design details and materials, there are tons of amazing exterior house finishes possible.

Though the aesthetic styles showcase a vast assortment of approaches, these homes have one thing in common: stunning exterior house finishes. Take a look at the gallery and find exclusive tips on how to create these impeccable exteriors.

1. Bright Wood Grain


Imagine pulling up to this home – it’s gorgeous! But going with a bold exterior house finish can be risky without the right complementing features. Notice how traditional horizontal lap brings a familiar feel, while gray panels and stone add a cool tone as an anchor. Choosing a more durable wood-style lap, like fiber cement, can lock in long-lasting color.

2. Beige with White Trim


Beige is a fairly modest color – but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! When working with a versatile material, like fiber cement, it’s easy to mix and match textures in the same hue to add interest to the exterior home finishing design. Notice how board and batten is paired with shake to provide two different textures, while white trim ties it all together nicely.

3. Decorative Door and Window Trim


For a sophisticated touch, dress up the doorway with classical inspired trim. One of the keys to successful exterior home finishing is knowing how to put emphasis on certain details. Simple lap in a mature color like sage green was the perfect choice for letting the windows and doors draw attention on this home.

4. Green Tudor Style


Green makes an impression on this home, and it is paired with red brick, which brings an awesome refresh to the classic architectural style. If your home doesn’t have the Tudor look, don’t worry! This style can be recreated using smooth fiber cement architectural panels and coordinated exterior beams.

5. Modern White and Black


White and black exterior finishes exude upscale sophistication with fresh charm. White siding can be difficult to maintain with traditional materials, like wood and vinyl. To keep a clean and crisp appearance that’s more durable and easy to maintain, white fiber cement is a fantastic choice.

6. Craftsman Mix and Match


Dormers, porches, garages – when the home has several distinct areas, mixing and matching textures can be a fun approach. This home features shake, board and batten, and lap in a single color to create visual consistency that feels fun and tailored.

7. Pacific Blue Siding


Wildly popular in both interior and exterior design, Pacific Blue is a beautifully moody color that sits somewhere between blue and gray. Off-white trim and darker gray shutters create balance for this home, which has a striking style.

8. Board and Batten


Vertical board and batten in a crisp, cream color yields a fresh feel to this exterior home finish. The double columns on the porch mirror the vertical lines, too, in order to reflect a cohesive style.

9. Modern Farmhouse


The particularly thin window trim reflects a contemporary approach to this modern farmhouse exterior, while the black and white color palette feels upscale and sophisticated.

10. Lap with a Brick Foundation


Putting a brick facade near the base of the home creates character and charm, while horizontal lap provides a classic look.

11. White Shake and Lap


Light-colored siding is a great choice for showing off shadow lines and texture. Here, shake and lap combine to create a charming exterior finish.

12. Refreshed Cottage


Light-colored lap adds a fresh twist to this classic cottage. Grime is more noticeable on light-colored siding, so choosing a durable, low-maintenance material like fiber cement is essential to maintain a long-lasting freshness throughout the exterior.

13. Outdoor Living


Outdoor living spaces are just as important when it comes to creating harmonious exterior house finishes. Light colors, like soft blue and white, are easy on the eyes and create a feeling of tranquility.

14. Low-Maintenance Looks


Cleaning and maintaining large homes can be taxing – and sometimes impossible, without the right ladder or equipment! Instead of high-maintenance choices like wood or vinyl, stick with a low-maintenance material, like fiber cement, to make things easier.

15. Barndominium Gray


Renovating older structures is easy when working with modern materials, like fiber cement. The gorgeous gray shake on this exterior home design provides texture that looks great with the stone patio and smokestack.

16. Classic Red Lap


Red lap and white trim – it’s a classic! With a farmhouse vibe that feels fresh and new, this home satisfies nostalgia and modern allure at the same time.

17. Bright Pastels


Teal can be tricky to work with in exterior design, but here the dark gray roof and crisp white trim bring the easy balance needed to make it look effortless and amazing.

18. Summer Vibes


Board and batten in light yellow looks amazing with the white staircase, surrounding boardwalk, and warm-weather landscaping. When building in dry and arid regions, be sure to choose a siding with long-lasting color that won’t fade in the sunlight.

19. Coastal Shake


Shake is a natural exterior home finishing choice for coastal areas, but humidity, heat, and sun exposure can wreak havoc on wood siding. Opt for more durable fiber cement shake to avoid the need for constant color touch-ups and repairs.

20. Colonial Charm


Bold red shutters bring a ‘main street’ vibe to this colonial home, which features a mix of classic lap and board and batten siding. Using the same color for the awnings is a great idea when embracing strong color contrast.

21. Dark Brown Palette


A dark brown palette is a fantastic choice that complements rich wood-style siding colors with red or nutmeg tones. The darker trim adds emphasis, while an even darker door completes the look.

22. Modern Contrast with Classic Lap


Blending classic styles with contemporary details is a popular strategy for today’s exterior house finishes. This home features traditional wood-style lap, but the sharp color contrast and unique window layout feel bold and daring.

23. Board and Batten Bump-Out


This home features lap siding in almost every zone – except the bump-out. Switching up the orientation of beams, the board and batten bump-out creates a unique detail that adds character to the exterior home finish.

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