Fiber Cement Siding Trends in Canada

For the last several years, fiber cement siding has seen a lot of growth worldwide, with a 4.4% global rise in the use of this versatile, durable product. This holds true in Canada as well, where fiber cement siding and trim rank high in popularity across the country and in all provinces. Like other areas, Canada also has its own trends in taste which impact the way that fiber cement is used there as well.

Durable for Harsh Climates

One of the things that makes fiber cement siding so popular as a material in Canada is the product’s ability to withstand harsh weather and climates. Fiber cement is impervious to moisture, and is not affected by things like freeze/thaw cycles or extreme cold. So unlike vinyl, which may crack in cold weather, or wood, which may rot over time, fiber cement remains a long lasting covering for houses and buildings. This is making fiber cement the go-to choice for homeowners looking for a durable and long-lasting solution for their homes.

Fiber Cement Color Trends

One of the best things about fiber cement siding after its durability, is its ability to come in such a wide range of different colors and styles. Fiber cement has the ability to mimic the look of real wood, because it’s made in a mold with real wood. Stained or painted, this can give your home the appearance of real wood siding, but without the maintenance issues.

In Canada, color trends for fiber cement siding focus more on natural colors and earth tones. Wood stains are extremely popular in nearly every provenance, while those nearer the coast also enjoy brighter colors such as bright whites, yellows, and bold blues.

In the central areas of the country, you’ll also find more earth tones, as well as deep greens. Both are frequently trimmed out with white for a crisp, clean look on the home’s exterior. The closer to the US border you go, the more you’ll also find homeowners opting for darker tones for their homes, as well as natural hues.

Fiber Cement Style Trends

Fiber cement siding has the ability to not only mimic the look of wood, but to take on the looks of stucco, and smooth, contemporary panels and rivets as well. In most areas of Canada, the trends tend to point toward fiber cement horizontal lap siding with the look of wood, however. In the few areas where homeowners are opting for a different look for their homes, the second most popular choice is board and batten style siding, or vertical siding and trim.

Also popular for homeowners that want to accent some areas of their home’s exterior are fiber cement siding shingles. These shingles are most popular on homes using natural wood stains, and often include irregular shingles, which more naturally mimic the look of real wood shakes.

Mixed Material Siding

Fiber cement isn’t the only material that is increasing in popularity in many regions of Canada. Stone veneers are also a very popular siding material, and many homeowners are choosing to mix the two materials together to get a unique appearance for their homes. Fiber cement siding pairs well with many different home covering materials including natural stone, brick, stone veneers, and even natural wood. It’s not uncommon in Canada to find that homeowners are opting for fiber cement siding for parts of their homes, and mixing it with other materials to get the look that they want.

Stay on Trend

With the projected growth of fiber cement siding for the next few years, it seems likely that fiber cement siding will only continue to grow in use and popularity across all areas of Canada. Whether you’re looking for an attractive, colorful product for your coastal area home, or a durable, natural looking siding for your more centrally located building, fiber cement siding has the options that you’re looking for. Make the switch to fiber cement siding today to find out why so many Canadians already have.

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